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Latest Call Outs, Incidents & Other Events. Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

15. Monday 2nd April. Spot Pick-Up. 12:33 Hrs. Cross of Greet, Bowland. Team requested by Lancashire Police to investigate a report of four persons and a dog trapped in their car, in deep snow, in the Slaidburn area. No injuries reported. Team members, who were resident at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland for the Easter Weekend were immediately sent to investigate in one of our Landrover Ambulances. A SARLoc request was sent to the stuck persons. This was successfully indicating their position on our mapping systems. They were just outside our area in almost the same position as incident 5 below. A second Landrover was placed on standby at our Vehicle & Training Base in Garstang. On arrival at the scene, it was discovered that a second vehicle was also stranded. Both vehicles were soon freed up and sent on their way towards Yorkshire. Ten Team members involved in this incident (22 Rescue Person Hours)

14. Sunday 1st April. Spot Pick-Up. 14:48 Hrs. Windy Harbour Caravan Park, Poulton-le-Fylde. Team requested by Lancashire Ambulance service to assist with a 14-year-old male who had fallen and broken an ankle in a very muddy field. Request for Team to extract casualty to Ambulance. Task duly completed. Fourteen Team members involved with two of our Land Rover Ambulances. (35 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. After many, many years of using pagers (as well as SMS texting) to alert Team members this incident was the last time we used pagers. We are now reliant on SMS texting only to alert Team members of incidents.

13. Sunday 25th March. Spot Pick-Up. 14:00 Hrs. Whitendale, Bowland. A 63-year-old female, fallen, with leg reported as "bent out of shape" on the fell in the Whitendale Valley. Helimed attending from the North West Air Ambulance. First Team members on scene arrived to see the Air Ambulance fly over and away – it had been called to a higher priority tasking (a heart attack, which our colleagues at Bolton MRT attended). This left the Team to treat the injured person who had an obvious broken leg, The Team carried her down to the valley on a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher. Casualty was then handed over to an Ambulance paramedic crew on its arrival. All three our our front line Land Rovers in attendance with seventeen Team members involved. (55 Rescue Person Hours)



Langden Castle in the heart of our area.



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