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The South Ribble Mountain Rescue Team (SRMRT) and the Northern Rescue Organisation (NRO) amalgamated on the 8th October 1980 to form the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team

Incidents. 1962 – 1979. SRMRT & NRO (pre BPMRT)

Note that South Ribble is referenced as SRMRT throughout this document. During its existence is was referred to as South Ribble Fell Rescue Team (SRFRT) and South Ribble Search & Rescue Team (SRSRT)


4. Saturday 29th September. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Beacon Fell near Preston. Search for local man from Blackpool. Sadly, found deceased by the Team.

3. Saturday 28th July. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Nicky Nook near Garstang. Missing male while in depressed state. Found unharmed. Walked into a Team search party suffering from severe sunburn after lying unconscious for two days. Treated by Team and evacuated.

2. Sunday 29th April. SRMRT. Three Peaks Fell Race, North Yorkshire. Three incidents to report:

i) Six competitors with mild exposure. Evacuated with assistance from the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO)

ii) Competitor with exposure treated by Team

iii) Competitor with exhaustion/exposure treated by Team

1. Sunday 8th April. SRMRT & NRO. Search. White Moss, Bowland Fells. Youth on Duke of Edinburgh Award event suffering with exhaustion / exposure. Walked off by the Team.

Winter 1978/79

1. Date Unknown. NRO. Spot Pick-Up. Devil’s Kitchen, Cwm Idwal, Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia. Whilst on a training weekend in North Wales the Team evacuated a fellow Team member who had fallen and badly twisted / broken his ankle.


8. Sunday 19th November. SRMRT. Animal Rescue. North of Slaidburn. Two sheep, crag fast in disused quarry on the Salter Fell Track (Hornby Road), recovered by Team.

7. Sunday 15th October. SRMRT. Crinkle Crags, Langdale, Lake District. Team assisted a male on a sponsored walk who had suffered a heart attack.

6. Sunday 24th September. SRMRT. Pen-y-Ghent, North Yorkshire. Team assisted participant in the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross who had exposure.

5. Saturday 16th September. SRMRT. Spot Pick-up. 15:20 Hrs. Martcrag Moor, Lake District. Assistance given to Langdale Ambleside MRT to evacuate person with exposure.

From Langdale Ambleside MRT website: Incident 36/1978. Two 18-year-old youths from Kingston upon Thames and Enfield collapsed with exposure/exhaustion at Martcrag Moor. One youth had to be carried on a stretcher; the other had to be assisted off the fell. Both received treatment in Langdale, neither went to hospital.

4. Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Anglezarke Moor near Chorley. Search for missing 84-year-old male. Later found dead but outside search areas. Bolton Team and Search Dogs also attending this Incident.

3. Sunday 30thApril & Monday 1st May. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. Search for missing fell runner. Participant in the Three Peaks Fell Race. Found deceased. Cave Rescue Organisation, Calder Valley, Holme Valley and Rossendale Teams plus SARDA also involved in this incident.

Postscript: Following this incident, a minimum kit requirement was introduced into fell running including the need for full body cover.

2. Sunday 30th April. SRMRT. Spot Pick-Up. Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. Team providing Fell Safety Cover for the annual 3 Peaks Fell Race with the Cave Rescue Organisation. Two incidents to report from Ingleborough:

i) Two competitors with mild exposure treated by Team.

ii) Female walker with exposure treated by Team

1. Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March. SRMRT & NRO. Search. River Wyre, North Lancashire. Search for road accident victim lost in stream. Pillion passenger from motorcycle that crashed into bridge. Passenger thrown into river. SRMRT searching "river left" and NRO searching "river right". Nothing found. Body located a few weeks later in estuary.


7. Friday 28th & Saturday 29th October. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Scout Moor, Rossendale. Light aircraft carrying two people missing on flight from Leeds to Manchester. Night and following day search of Pennines and East Lancashire moors. Burnt out wreckage found on southwest side of Scout Moor. Both occupants deceased. Rossendale, Calder Valley, Holme Valley, Bolton, Oldham & RAF Stafford Teams plus SARDA and a helicopter also involved in this search.

Calder Valley SRT Incident #44

6. Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th October. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Pennine Moorland between M62 & Sowerby Bridge. Search for missing male walker, aged 86. Not found. Later found dead on another moor outside search area. Calder Valley, Holme Valley, Rossendale, Bolton, RAF Stafford & Leeming Teams plus SARDA also involved in this search.

Calder Valley SRT Incident #43

5. Sunday 9th October. SRMRT. Search. Farington Moss, Leyland. Team requested to assist police in the search of open countryside for an elderly male. Found deceased.

4. Sunday 25th September. SRMRT. Lizard Pot, Austwick, North Yorkshire. Team called to assist the Cave Rescue Organisation with incident in Lizard Pot where a caver was hit by a rock. SRMRT members in the area providing Fell Safety Cover for the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross event. Team stood down on arrival at Incident Control.

3. Sunday 25th September. SRMRT. Whernside, North Yorkshire. While providing Fell Safety cover for the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross a competitor crashed and sustained scalp & facial injuries. Evacuated by the Team

2. Tuesday 5th July. SRMRT. Search. Dufton Area, Appleby Fells, North Pennines. Call to assist Lakeland Teams in the search for a missing 67-year-old male. Stood Down responding on route as, sadly, a body was located.

Keswick MRT Incident 11/1977

1. Sunday 24th April. SRMRT. Spot Pick-Up. Pen-y-Ghent, North Yorkshire. Male walker slipped on wet grass and fractured leg. Evacuated by Team and the Cave Rescue Organisation. Team in the area providing Fell Safety Cover for the Three Peaks Fell Race.

Monday 11th April. LCC Ranger Service. Spot Pick-Up. Wolf Fell, Bowland. Female walker with sprained ankle recovered to road head. SRMRT & NRO not called.


1. Saturday 3rd January. NRO. Search. Lake District. Team requested to assist the Lake District Teams in the search for two teenage boys from the Barrow-in-Furness area, who were missing on a walk from Eskdale to Borrowdale. Both boys found dead at the summit cairn of Scafell Pike, they had died from exposure.

Langdale Ambleside MRT Incident 1/1976, Keswick MRT Incident 1/1976


1. Sunday 22nd June (probably). Spot Pick-Up. Borrowdale, Lake District. After providing Fell Safety Cover for the Lakes 3000 RA Marathon event the previous day Team members climbing at Shepherd’s Crag responded to a climber who had fallen. He was evacuated on a stretcher the short distance to the road and the waiting Land Ambulance. Details of the climb fallen from unknown. During this incident, it was realised that thieves had stolen vital rescue equipment from Team vehicles.


2. Saturday 3rd August. SRMRT. Spot Pick-Up. Buckstone How, Honister Pass, Cumbria. A climber fell 30ft whilst soloing the climb "Honister Wall (HS, 4b)" on Buckstone How sustaining a serious head injury. SRMRT Team members who were at Honister Pass providing Fell Safety Cover for the Borrowdale Fell Race provided immediate first aid. The Team then carried and transported the casualty in a Team Landrover to the waiting Land Ambulance at Seathwaite.

1. Monday 15th April. SRMRT. Spot Pick-Up. 13:25 Hrs Langdale, Cumbria. Male, aged 30, from Nottingham, whilst preparing to climb, was hit by a loose rock from above, dislodged by another climber on Middle Fell Buttress, Langdale. He received head, neck and shoulder injuries. Langdale Team conveyed him down the fell assisted by the South Ribble Team where he was then taken to the County Hospital, Kendal.

Footnote: This rock climber had not even started his climb and was sorting his gear out when the rock hit him. He had no helmet on at the time, but the climber who dislodged the rock had no connection with this man.

Langdale Ambleside MRT Incident 6/1974


2. November. NRO. Haslingden. NRO on returning to Lancashire from 1/1973 below Team directed to a further search in Haslingden for a man who was missing. He was last seen when a Farmer’s wife alerted the police after he tried to get into the farmhouse in a distressed state. Probably in the early stages of hypothermia with slurred speech and lack of muscle control. The woman hit his hand with a pan or something to stop him getting into the house. The following morning he was found dead near a pond.

1. Wednesday 21st November. NRO. Search. Ogwen Valley Area, North Wales. Search for a missing male in the Ogwen Valley that had been ongoing since the previous Sunday. Mid-Pennine & Peak District Teams requested to assist. Team stood down on arrival as it was decided to stand down the search, as there was no realistic possibility of a positive outcome. Body located some five months later.


Information not available, Incidents not recorded or none attended.


Information not available, Incidents not recorded or none attended.


Information not available, Incidents not recorded or none attended.


Information not available, Incidents not recorded or none attended.


3. Tuesday 23rd September. SRMRT & NRO. Search. 01:30 Hrs. Whitworth. Three teenage girls with ponies on moors. Calder & Rossendale also present. (This Incident is recorded as 1969 by Calder Valley SRT)

Calder Valley SRT Incident #5 (1969 from CVSRT website)

2. September. SRMRT. Search. Hayfield, Derbyshire. Search for two 14-year-old girls on moorland around Hayfield in Derbyshire. They were found the following day near Edale alive and well.

1. September. SRMRT. Search. Bleaklow Moor, Peak District. A search for a part time warden in the Peak District National Park on Bleaklow Moor near the Snake Pass, Derbyshire. Found alive after his companion staggered to safety the following day and pinpointed his location on the map. (This incident may have been November 1966)


7. Thursday 10th August. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Grasmere Area, Lake District. A St. Annes man missing in the Grasmere area, rescuers searched in thunder, lightning and torrential rain for three days, nothing found. His body was later discovered by fell walkers.

From Keswick MRT website: Incident 24/1967 10th August. Sergeant's Crag. 3-day search for missing lone walker. Found dead under crag with multiple injuries.

6. Monday 7th August. SRMRT & NRO. Cave Rescue. Ireby Fell Cavern, North Yorkshire. Rescue of two potholers lost in Ireby Fell Cavern for 20 hours, both found safe and well. Cave Rescue Team also attending.

5. June. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Whitewell, Bowland. Search for a missing girl from Whitewell, later found safe and well in a wood near the Craven Heifer Inn at Chaighley.

4. Saturday 24th June. SRMRT & NRO. Cave Rescue. Mossdale Cavern, North Yorkshire. Six potholers died in Mossdale Cavern on the Yorkshire moors when it rapidly flooded. Team members assisted Cave Rescue and other teams for 19 hours to try to reach the men. The cave was later sealed as a permanent memorial to those who died.

An article in the Independent detailing the valiant rescue attempt can be found here

3. Sunday 21st May. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. Six army cadets were carried off the summit of Ingleborough in a violent storm after they collapsed with exhaustion. They were on an army map reading exercise, with 80 participants and were walking the Three Peaks. SRMRT and Cave Rescue Organisation were assisting with the event and called NRO in as the weather deteriorated. NRO were in the area having just completed the Fellsman Hike safety cover.

2. Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st May. NRO. Fellsman Hike, North Yorkshire. Search for an overdue participant in the event who was located, safe.

1. Thursday 23rd March. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Great Harwood, Lancashire. Search for a missing farm hand from Great Harwood, ended in tragedy when his body was recovered from the Dean Reservoir the following day.


1. Thursday 28th July. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Scafell, Lake District. Huge search with all the Lakeland teams over a period of many days for a missing walker, Dr John Lesile Millard, lost between Wasdale Head and Scafell Pike unfortunately he was found deceased on Hard Knott Pass 17 days later.

From Keswick MRT website: Incident 17/1966 27th July. Scafell Area. Search lasting four days for Dr Millard. Found dead on 12th August below Mickledore having fallen 40'. Found by a Brathay party. There had been 86 search parties of 1213 searchers.


5. December. SRMRT. Search. Bleasdale, Bowland. Three members of Ribble Valley Cycle Club lost on Bleasdale Fells who turned up safe and well at Bleasdale Post Office after spending the night in Langden Castle.

4. Tuesday 30th November into December. SRMRT & NRO. Search. Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Week long search for a reservoir keeper Robert Akrigg, age 55, who went missing on 29th November on Gorple Moor near Hebden Bridge in severe winter/blizzard conditions with 6ft drifts over a 10 mile radius. Some 300 people involved. Search called off because of worsening weather conditions, nothing found. His body was later discovered the following Spring some 65 days later by a man walking his dog.

Postscript: This incident resulted in the formation of fellow MPSRO Team, Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team.

3. October. SRMRT. Spot Pick-Up. Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. Four army cadets suffering from exhaustion were carried off Ingleborough by South Ribble after taking part in a map reading exercise.

2. March. SRMRT. Search, Snake Pass, Derbyshire. Search for two teenagers missing on Snake Pass, later found asleep in a barn.

1. March. SRMRT. Search. Park Fell, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. Search for a walker missing on Park Fell; he was stretchered off to the Hill Inn by members of the Team.


2. Thursday 24th September. SRMRT. Search. Denbighshire, North Wales. Massive search for two youths feared lost in caves in the Denbighshire Mountains near Maeshafn, lasted over a week with over 1000 volunteers taking part. The boys were later found safe and well in Weston-super-Mare and charged with various offences.

1. Monday 16th March. SRMRT. Search. North Derbyshire. "The Four Inns Incident". Joint search with R.A.F. and volunteers for missing scouts on the North Derbyshire moors lost in blizzard conditions, taking part in the 50 mile Four Inns walk. 130 Scouts in the event. Tragically, three scouts were found deceased.

Postscript: This Incident lead to the formalisation of mountain rescue in the Peak District and the formation of the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation (PDMRO).


No Incidents to report, none attended or information not available.


1. Wednesday 14th November. SRMRT. Search. Langden Valley, Bowland. Four school girls from Penwortham who were taking part in a Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award expedition were found alive and well at approximately 01:00 Hrs the next day in Langden Castle after a 14 hour search.

Monday 26th March 1962. Search. Bowland Fells. Search for two missing teenagers on the Bleasdale Fells. Both found deceased. This incident resulted in the formation of SRMRT & NRO.

Any corrections, updates or further information always welcome. (46 or so Incidents 1963 -1979)

Sources. Mid Pennine Mountain Accident Panel (MPMAP) reports 1977, 78, 79 & 80. Phil Lund (NRO) & Paul Durham (SRMRT) research, newspaper cuttings and articles, Additional research by Tim Cox. Keswick, Langdale Ambleside and Calder Valley Team websites, Cave Rescue Organisation "Race Against Time" by Jim Ayre & John Frankland (1988), Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation "Risking Life & Limb" by Judy Whiteside, Google searches, verbal reports and reminiscence from current & former Team members. Thanks for all contributions.

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