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1992 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

15. 13th December. Search. 18:45 Hrs. Trough of Bowland. A Lancashire County Council Ranger was reported overdue by 3 hours and could not be contacted on his radio. The Ranger Service had commenced their own search but the Police requested that the Team attend. However, the Team was stood down responding when the ranger turned up, safe.

14. 5th December. Search. 07:00 Hrs. Crook of Lune near Lancaster. Team requested to assist in a first light search for a missing female. Missing since 15:00 Hrs the previous day. Teams SARDA Dog handler and search dog had worked through the night but nothing found. The banks of the River Lune were searched but nothing found. The search was then relocated to the Lune estuary but to no avail. The Team stood down at 15:00 Hrs. 15 Team members attending. (120 rescue Person hours)

13. 18th October. Search. 22:45 Hrs. Clougha Pike & Grit Fell Area, Bowland. Search of the Clougha Pike and Grit Fell areas for a missing, depressed male, aged 18. Inexperienced and may not have eaten properly for a couple of days. The Team searched through the night but nothing found. At first light the search was scaled up with the addition of rescue teams from Bolton, Rossendale and Calder Valley plus search dogs and a Sea King helicopter from the RAF. However, the missing person was discovered walking on one of the fell roads and was taken away by Police for questioning. 20 Team members plus 50 persons from the other teams attend. (180 Rescue Person Hours)

12. 29th September. Search. Moor Hospital, Lancaster. Team requested to search for a missing male, aged 85. Known to be a regular "wanderer". Team searched for 8 hours and he was eventually found within the hospital grounds (which are extensive). He was taken back to the hospital by ambulance. 16 Team members on this incident. Bolton Team (15 persons) and Rossendale Team (8 persons) were stood down on route. (120 Rescue Person Hours)

11. 27th September. Spot Pickup. 15:00 Hrs. Ribblehead, North Yorkshire. Whilst providing race safety cover for the annual 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross a competitor fell of his bike on Whernside. He managed to make his way off the fell and was treated for his wounds. This person was initially reported by other competitors as "broken his leg" (and was therefore immobile). A number of Team members dispatched to find this person but, obviously, found nothing!

10. 27th September. Spot Pickup. 11:40 Hrs. Crina Bottoms, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. A competitor in the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross had fallen from his bike and fractured his collar bone. A Team vehicle was able to access the casualty and transport him off the fell. The Cave Rescue Organisation requested by radio to arrange for an ambulance at the road head.

9. 26th September. Search. 21:00 Hrs. Frenchwood Area, Preston. Team requested to assist in the "massive" search for a missing 3-year-old girl in the Frenchwood area in the centre of Preston. Team searching Cardinal Newman College grounds, Winckley Square, Avenham & Miller Parks, banks of the River Ribble and allotments. Teams SARDA Search Dog and handler also participating. Extensive Police resources involved all co-ordinated from Preston Police HQ. Mysteriously the girl turned up at first light, safe, after being spotted by a Police Officer walking down a street near to hear home. Rest of MPSRO on standby should they be required. 25 Team members present. (175 Rescue Person Hours)

8. 25th September. Search.18:42 Hrs. Whittingham, Goosnargh near Preston. Team involved in a search for a female patient, aged 86, missing from Whittingham Hospital. Known to like to walk in the grounds but a change of medication had made her highly active. She was located by Team members down a steep disused railway embankment in dense undergrowth, semi-conscious. Apparently, she had just walked off the ward without telling anyone. She was treated by paramedics and a nurse then stretchered back to the ward by the Team. (37.5 Rescue Person Hours)

7. 15th September. Standby Search. 13:15 Hrs hrs. Rossendale Area. Team placed on "standby" by Rossendale Team who were searching for a vulnerable male in the Blackburn area. At 15:00 Hrs Team informed by Rosendale Team Leader that the man had been located – in Scotland!

6. 26th June. Body Search, 12:40 Hrs. Heysham near Morecambe. On the 25th June clothing was found on the beach at Heysham. It was believed that a male had entered the sea in order to end his life. The Team was requested to search the coastline at Heysham and the River Lune estuary on the 28th. Search commenced at low tide, 12:30 Hrs on the 28th. Completed at 18:00 Hrs with nothing found. (132 Rescue Person Hours)

5. 21st June. Spot Pick-up. 15:57 Hrs. Stickle Ghyll, Langdale, Lake District. Six Team members assisted Langdale Ambleside MRT with a carry off of a male from just below Stickle Tarn. Initially reported as a heart attack but later confirmed that the casualty had fallen hitting his head and face.

4. ? June. Standby Search. Accrington. Team requested to assist in the search for a 5-year-old girl. Missing since previous day with Rossendale Team having searched through the night. Team requested to assist at first light. However, as the Team assembled the search was called off. The girl had been located safe.

3. 30th May. Search. Shawforth. Rossendale FRT requested all MPSRO Teams to assist in the search for a male who had gone on walk over the fells. Reported as missing for a week! Nothing was found and the large scale search scaled down. However, the following day police did a check of local hospitals and located the gentlemen. He had apparently suffered chest pains on his walk, called for an ambulance and been in hospital all the time!

2. 22nd April. Rock Climbing. 20:55 Hrs. Anglezarke Quarry near Chorley. A lead climber, on a climb called "Bossa Nova" (VS, 45 Feet) , had almost reached the top when he fell pulling out two running belays and landing on a ledge near the bottom of the climb. He suffered back and hand injuries. The climber was not wearing a helmet. Treated for injuries and evacuated to waiting ambulance.

1. 15th January. Standby Search. 23:00 Hrs. Abbey Village / Tockholes Wood. Team requested to search for a 15-year-old male. Described as vulnerable, depressed and giving cause for his safety. Bolton MRT also called. Both Teams were stood down responding when we were informed by the Police that he had turned up.