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1993 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

19. 27th December. Search. 00:30 Hrs. Tockholes / Roddlesworth. Team called to assist Bolton MRT in the search for a missing jogger. He had been missing some 6 hours and had inappropriate clothing for the cold weather conditions. Various searches made however his planned route was unknown and this was cause for concern as it was not possible to determine if we were searching in the right area. He eventually turned up safe and well at 02:45 Hrs having been at a friend’s house. 50 persons present from both teams for this search.

18. 7th December. Standby Bad Weather Cover.19:00 Hrs. East Lancashire. Team requested to assist Rossendale FRT and the Ambulance Service in the east of the county due to bad weather and treacherous road conditions. 4 x 4 vehicles being the only way to reach outlying areas. However, conditions improved and the Team stood down at 23:55 Hrs with no incidents to report. Three persons and one vehicle providing the support. (15 Rescue Person Hours)

17. 22nd November. Spot Pick-up. 14:45 Hrs. Parlick Pike, Bowland. A male whilst crossing the stile at the summit of Parlick Pike slipped and fell. He fell about 5 feet onto hard ice sustaining a leg injury. He was treated and evacuated from the hill by the Team. 15 Team members present. (34 rescue Person Hours)

16. 21st November. Spot Pickup. 13:45 Hrs. Whitendale, Bowland. A female, aged 62, slipped and fell on ice descending from the Salter Fell Track (Hornby Road) to Whitendale. She sustained a serious fracture of the lower leg / ankle. Pain killing drugs were administered and she was evacuated to the road head by the Team on a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher. 14 Team members responding to this incident (35 Rescue Person Hours)

15. 13th November. Weapon Search. 09:00 Hrs. River Ribble, Brockholes Woods, Preston. With reference to Incident 13 below. The body of the missing person had just been discovered in the River Ribble and had possibly been submerged since our initial search on the 11th October. It was confirmed that the location where the body was found was close to where the SARDA Dogs had indicated on the original search. There appeared to be indications that a shot gun had been involved. The Team was on exercise in the Tough of Bowland with RAF Stafford MRT. Both Teams were asked to search for the missing weapon with concern that it may be loaded and found by children from the local estate. The search was stood down after 3 hours when it was determined that the injuries on the deceased were not caused by a shot gun.

14. 29th October. RTA. 22:00 Hrs. Longridge, Fell. Three Team members, in a Team vehicle, dealt with a road traffic accident on Longridge Fell. One person being treated until an ambulance arrived.

13. 11th October. Search. 17:00 Hrs. River Ribble, Brockholes Woods, Preston. The Team was asked to search for a missing male in woods near Preston. The missing person was reported to have committed a serious crime and was about to self-harm. The missing person was not considered to be a danger to the Team. 7 SARDA Search Dogs and handlers assisting. Several items were reported and the search dogs gave a very positive indication at one point on the banks of the River Ribble but missing person was not located during the seven hour search. (175 Rescue Person Hours)

12. 5th September. Spot Pick-up. 15:30 Hrs Hrs. Leck Fell. Team received a report of a person fallen on Leck Fell. The Team was on three separate exercises at the time and were requested by Lancashire Police to respond immediately. However, it soon became apparent that the incident was underground and the Cave Rescue Organisation was called.

11. 29th August. Search. 14:00 Hrs. Cat Gill, Lake District. Two Team members assisted Keswick MRT with the carry off of two Army Cadets, one male and one female, who had fallen in Cat Gill while out rock scrambling.

10. 7th August. Spot Pick-up. 15:30 Hrs. Borrowdale, Keswick, Lake District. Another competitor in the Borrowdale Fell Race slipped and sustained deep cuts and abrasions to his left knee. The wound was cleaned by Team members and he was advised to seek further treatment on his return to home.

9. 7th August. Spot Pick-up. 14:00 Hrs. Borrowdale, Keswick, Lake District. A competitor in the Borrowdale Fell Race slipped on the Miners Track on the descent from Dalehead in the later part of the event. Falling on to an outstretched arm he dislocated his shoulder. He continued for some distance (pretty tough these fell runners!) before collapsing about a mile from the finish. Team was able to transport him to the race finish where the Team Doctor reduced the dislocation and administered pain killing drugs.

8. 7th August. Search, 12:00 Hrs. Cuerden Valley Country Park, Leyland. A Male, aged 42, was reported as missing to the Police and may have gone into Cuerden Valley Country Park possibly to self-harm. With the majority of the Team away in the Lake District covering the Borrowdale Fell Race it was decided to request Bolton MRT to assist. Bolton team were already out on exercise with members of RAF Stafford, Ogwen Valley and Clwyd teams who were also called. He was found by a Team member just before the main search parties arrived and stretchered to a waiting ambulance. 54 MRT members from all the teams responding to this incident.

7. 25th July. Standby Search. 20:05 Hrs Pendle Hill. Team asked to search for two walkers missing on Pendle Hill. Incident passed to Rossendale FRT with the Team remaining on standby should we be required.

6. 12th July. Search. 18:50 Hrs. Whittingham, Goosnargh near Preston. The Team was alerted to a patient missing from Whittingham Hospital. Already missing for some 6 hours. Due to time of day, his clothing and medication it was decided to mount a search. A rapid search of the extensive hospital grounds and surrounding area was undertaken. However, the search was abandoned when the missing person was discovered by staff still within the hospital buildings. 20 Team members responding. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

5. 19th June. Search. 20:00 Hrs. Wythburn Valley, Thirlmere, Lake District. A participant in the R.A. Marathon was overdue at the checkpoint at Steel End, Wythburn. The Team provides rescue safety cover for this annual event and had recorded the person leaving High Raise some hours previously. A search was undertaken of the route from High Raise. At 22:30 Hrs the missing person arrived at the checkpoint having taken a different route. He was transported back to the finish at Keswick by the Team. Keswick MRT informed of this incident and requested to be on stand-by should more help be required.

4. 29th May. Spot Pick-up / RTA. 23:30 Hrs. Trough of Bowland. A vehicle was reported to have been driven over a steep embankment in the Trough of Bowland. Three Team members, who were staying at our Smelt Mill Base, were first on scene but found the vehicle abandoned. A small search of the area around the vehicle was undertaken but nothing found.

3. 25th April. Spot Pick-up. 13:45 Hrs. Sulber Nick, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. A competitor in the 3 Peaks Fell Race was reported as "collapsed" on Sulber Nick. He was easily recovered from the fell to Race Control at Horton-in-Ribblesdale in a Team 4 x 4 Landrover. He was then treated for hypothermia by a doctor from the Cave Rescue Organisation including a warm bath in a local house. He was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

2. 25th April. Spot Pick-up. 10:30 Hrs. Near Ribblehead, North Yorkshire. The Team was providing rescue safety cover for the 3 Peaks Fell Race when Team members came across a youth group on a practice Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition. Very wet and windy conditions but one of the members appeared not to have any waterproof clothing. The party was quickly transported to Horton-in-Ribblesdale where one person was treated for hypothermia by a doctor from the Cave Rescue Organisation.

1. 23rd January. Spot Pick-up / RTA. 19:30 Hrs. Trough of Bowland. A vehicle was discovered down a steep sided gully in the Trough of Bowland. Four Team members staying at our Smelt Mill Base in the Trough went to investigate. The car appeared to be abandoned but a search was carried out for some distance around the vehicle. Nothing found. The incident was left in the hands of the Police when they arrived. (3 Rescue Peron Hours)