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1994 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

17. 30th October. Search. 20:00 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. A walker had gone missing in Gisburn Forest. He had set off from Tosside to the car park at Stock’s Reservoir. A companion had driven around to the reservoir and set off to meet him half way. However, they failed to meet up and at 18:30 Hrs he was reported missing. The Team was informed that he would not stray from the main paths and tracks. Initial searches of the extensive tracks both on foot and in vehicles proved fruitless and the search was called off to resume at first light. After a short break at our Smelt Mill Base we returned to resume the search now supported by SARDA Search Dogs, Rossendale FRT and RAF Stafford MRT. Over 80 persons now involved in the search. He was found in an area of open ground suffering exhaustion and mild hypothermia. He had taken shelter in the woods from the heavy rain and high winds. It is interesting to note that he had ignored our vehicle "blue lights" and shouts as he thought these were "joy riders". The search had lasted 13 hours on the ground.

16. 30th October. Search. 12:30 Hrs. Rivington / Lever Park, Bolton. Bolton MRT asked the Team to assist in the search for a missing male, aged 40. After completing all allocated tasks the search was stood down for the night. A second day of searching was undertaken (without us) but with Rossendale and RAF Stafford teams the following day. The person was located alive. (87.5 Rescue Person Hours)

15. 28th October. Search. 20:00 Hrs. Lea / Ingol, Preston. Search for a female reported missing by her sheltered accommodation warden. Described as vulnerable and in her late 70’s. A search of open countryside around her home was required. 26 Team members attending. Just after the search had started information received that she was with a nurse. The nurse had taken her to visit a friend without informing the sheltered accommodation warden. A false alarm but of good intent (39 Rescue person Hours)

14. 21st October. Search. 20:00 Hrs. Langden Intake, Trough of Bowland. A Game Keeper was reported missing and had not returned from his duties on the fells. He had no equipment or food with him but was riding a quad bike. Team was requested to search the surrounding fells and possible locations indicated by his employer. However, just as the search was about to start the missing person turned up on foot. He had got the quad bike stuck in a bog and had spent too long trying to get it out. (25 Rescue Person Hours)

13. 13th October. Standby Search. 17:40 Hrs. Great Hill Area, Anglezarke Moor. A group of children and teachers from a Special School had completed a walk over the Anglezarke Moors. On returning to their school in Ramsbottom they realised that a 12-year-old boy was missing. An urgent search of the route was required. Team stood down responding before a search could be initiated. The missing person had been located, safe, in Horwich.

12. 8th October. Standby Search. 11:35 hrs. Garstang Area, Bowland. A party of 8 Territorial Army (TA) personnel missing on a night navigation exercise. Reported as experienced, well equipped and with radios. They had set off at 20:00 Hrs the previous evening and radio contact had been lost almost immediately. Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader set off to Garstang Police Station to interview the Officer in charge, determine a route and a plan of action. On arrival Team Leaders informed that the party had just turned up back at their start point.

11. 8th September. Search. 07:30 Hrs. Moor Hospital, Lancaster. The Team searched for 8 hours around the grounds of the hospital and adjacent land for a missing female patient, aged 27. After exhausting all possibilities the search was stood down with the missing person still outstanding. 25 persons attending (200 Rescue Person Hours)

10. 20th August. First Aid. 18:45 Hrs. Preston Town Centre. While on a Flag Day &Tin Rattle fund raising event in Preston Town Centre Team members attended to a street performer who had burnt both his hands juggling with fire sticks. Minor burns and blisters and an ambulance was not required.

9. 17th August. Search. 02:15 Hrs. Lisieux Hall near Chorley. Team asked to search for a 23-year-old male resident at the Hall. The Hall is a residential home for the people with learning disabilities. The missing person had set off for the Social Club in the grounds of the Hall but had wandered off. Conditions very wet with heavy rain and high winds. He was located at 06:00 Hrs by Team members approximately 1 mile from the residence. He was wandering in a field in a distressed state with a sprained ankle and was very cold having apparently crossed the River Lostock. Team members treated him, stretchered him to a vehicle and transported him back to the casualty room at the Hall for a check-up.

8. 17th July. Spot Pick-up, 17:30 Hrs. Parlick / Fairsnape Fell, Bowland. A report received of a hang glider crashing on the saddle between Parlick and Fairsnape. Eye-witnesses reporting that the male pilot had fallen some 50 feet. Team members treated the casualty at the scene for serious shoulder and upper leg injuries. Ambulance staff and a nurse also walking up the hill (just as well it was a warm sunny, dry day). The casualty was transferred to the Royal Preston Hospital by an RAF Sea King helicopter from RAF Valley in North Wales. (37.5 rescue Person Hours)

7. 3rd July. Crag Fast. White Ghyll Crag, Langdale, Lake District. Three Team members were climbing "Slip Knot" (Mild VS) on White Ghyll when the party ahead of them got into difficulties. The second had found the pitch difficult and had become crag fast not able to move up or down. The Team members rigged a double abseil and guided her off the route to the bottom. Langdale Ambleside MRT informed of this incident.

6. 18th June. Spot Pick-up. 14:15 Hrs. High Raise, Langdale, Lake District. A competitor in the 4 Peaks Challenge collapsed near the summit of High Raise with hypothermia. He was helped to the summit of High Raise by fellow competitors. Two Team members who were manning a checkpoint with a tent were able to treat the casualty keeping him warm. A pick-up crew was dispatched by Race Control and Keswick Team were also requested to assist. An RAF Sea King helicopter was also requested. Due to the low mist and cloud level the casualty was carried by both Teams to Lining Crag. This enabled the helicopter to fly below the cloud base and collect the casualty.

5. 18th June. Spot Pick-up. 12:15 Hrs. Scafell Pike, Lake District. The Team was providing rescue safety cover for the 4 Peaks Challenge in the Lake District. A male participant had collapsed near the summit of Scafell Pike with hypothermia and exhaustion. The casualty was treated by the two Team members at the Scafell Pike checkpoint. Two other Team members were dispatched with warn air equipment, food and shelter. Wasdale MRT were contacted to help with the evacuation to Wasdale Head. 24 members of Wasdale Team responding.

4. 30th April. Spot Pick-up. 16:30 Hrs. Hard Crags, Bowfell, Lake District. A Team member assisted Langdale Ambleside MRT with the evacuation of a male casualty. The casualty had slipped and sustained a lower leg injury on Bowfell.

3. 26th March. Spot Pick-up. 11:40 Hrs. Bleadale Water, Langden Valley, Bowland. A fell runner in the Fiendsdale Fell Race slipped in boggy & deep heather sustaining a broken lower leg. He was located, treated and carried on a stretcher to Langden Castle by Team members. He was then transported by Team Landrover to the road at Langden Intake to a waiting Ambulance. The Team provides rescue safety cover annually for this event.

2. 20th March. Search. 11:20 Hrs. Lisieux Hall near Chorley. The Team was asked to assist in the search for a 68-year-old male missing from the Hall since the previous day. The Hall is a residence for those with learning disabilities. It was considered he would not have strayed from the hospital grounds. However, the Team was stood down responding when, unfortunately, the missing person was located deceased by a member of the public. (20 rescue Person Hours)

1. 23rd February. Standby Bad Weather Cover. 10:00 Hrs. Clitheroe. Due to bad weather, snowy and icy conditions Lancashire Ambulance Service requested a Team 4 x 4 Landrover and crew to be positioned at Clitheroe Ambulance Station. The vehicle remained at Clitheroe for 36 Hours but no incidents to report. Six Team members used in shifts of 12 hours each over the period. (72 Rescue Person Hours)