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1995 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

24. 18th December. Search. 22:30 Hrs. Penwortham, Preston. Lancashire Police were very concerned for the safety of an 80-year-old male. A search was organised but just after Team members had started initial tasks the missing person was located, safe. He had apparently been to a friend’s house to "celebrate" Christmas and fallen asleep. (6 Rescue Peron Hours)

23. 9th December. Local Incident / Search. 16:30 Hrs. Belmont Area. Two walkers, both at different locations with one on Turton Moor, had independently reported what appeared to be red distress flares on Winter Hill / Anglezarke Moor. A joint search was organised by Bolton MRT and ourselves. Nothing was located. It was later confirmed that flares had indeed been fired but this was at the local Boat Club celebrating the arrival of Father Christmas at a Children’s Party! A false alarm but of good intent.

22. 17th November. Standby Search. 21:00 Hrs. Leyland / Chorley. Request from Lancashire Police to search for a female, aged 58, described as on medication, depressed and confused. Missing in Chorley Town centre but thought to be travelling over the open countryside towards Leyland. However as the team was mobilising and an initial plan was being put together the person was located.

21. 5th November. Search. 09:30 Hrs. Red Scar Wood, Preston. Team requested by Lancashire Police to search for a female, aged 9, who had disappeared the night before following a Bonfire Party. Open ground and woods were searched near her home but nothing found. It was eventually reported that she had turned up safe. (100 Rescue Person Hours)

20. 27th October. RTA. 15:30 Hrs. Southbound M6 near Carnforth. A Team member was first on scene at a three vehicle RTA on the M6. He quickly assessed that only one person needed treatment and then handed over to the ambulance crew when they arrived.

19. 5th August. Spot Pick-up. 13:30 Hrs. Corridor Route, Scafell Pike, Lake District. The Team was providing rescue safety cover for the annual Borrowdale Fell Race when a competitor was hit by a boulder from above. Unknown where this boulder came from but probably dislodged by another competitor higher up. Take care everyone. Treated for lacerations to leg and face. He was able to walk off the hill accompanied by Team members.

18. ? August. Standby Search (Hoax). Pendle Hill. Team requested to search for a missing male on Pendle Hill. The police were advised that this was Rossendale Teams area. Team remained on standby just in case required. Rosendale did respond but it was eventually determined that this was a hoax call.

17. 29th July. Search. 15:15 Hrs. Warton Crag near Carnforth. Team requested to search the rough area of Warton Crag for a missing male, aged 34, missing for some days and possibly suicidal. 28 Team members attending with the search lasting two days. He later turned up and had almost certainly been living rough or hiding in the countryside.

16. 14th July. RTA. Afternoon. Lake District. Two Team members assisted an "off duty" paramedic and then an ambulance crew when they arrived at the scene of a serious RTA. Multiple casualties (4) plus one person, sadly, deceased.

15. 24th June. RTA. 14:15 Hrs. near Ripponden, West Yorkshire. A Team member, attending an MPSRO Party Leaders course, assisted other MPSRO Team members at a Road Traffic Accident. A male driver had suffered a heart attack causing the car to crash. Unfortunately, immediate treatment was in vain as the patient had, sadly, died.

14. 24th June. Search. 20:55 Hrs. Lostock Hall to Preston & River Ribble. Team requested to search for an 80-year-old male described as vulnerable. A large area of woodland, farmland, parks, railway embankment and the banks of the River Ribble searched. Stood down when police enquiries located him in a neighbouring village. 18 persons attending. (54 Rescue Person Hours)

13. 14th June. Search. 18:00 Hrs. High Raise to Wythburn, Thirlmere, Lake District. Whilst providing rescue safety cover for the 4 Peaks Challenge event a participant left the High Raise checkpoint for Steel End with a knee injury that was slowing his progress. He did not appear at the Steel End checkpoint for a significantly long time so a precautionary search was undertaken. Person was located, moving very slowly, and escorted to the checkpoint where he retired from the competition.

12. 15th May. Standby Search. Leyland. Police requested Team to undertake an urgent search for two, very young, children missing in the Leyland area. Exact details unknown due to the very early notification to the Team of this incident. However, as details were becoming a bit clearer the children turned up safe and the search was called off.

11. 3rd May. Local Incident. Lytham, Fylde Coast. Whilst the Team was attending a display with the RNLI three team members dealt with a boy who had fallen off a bench and sustained a very serious laceration to his leg. Treated, made comfortable and then handed over to the ambulance crew on their arrival.

10. 22nd April. Search. 18:45 Hrs. Dartmoor, Devon. Whilst on a training exercise on Dartmoor the Team’s SARDA search dog and handler plus another Team member assisted in the search for seven missing children on a walk. They were found later that evening, cold and wet, but safe. They were able to walk off the hill to waiting transport.

9. 25th March. Spot Pick-up. 13:30 Hrs. Parlick Pike, Bowland. Also, whilst providing safety cover for the Fiendsdale Fell Race a competitor suffered the aggravation of an old knee injury at the summit of Parlick. She was helped back to Fell Foot. Knee strapped and was advised to get it checked at hospital.

8. 25th March. Spot Pick-up. 12:15 Hrs. Bleadale Water, Langden Valley, Bowland. Whilst providing standby safety cover for the annual Fiendsdale Fell Face a male competitor fell and twisted his knee. He as evacuated to the Langden Castle checkpoint, treated, kept warm and then transported to the race finish at Fell Foot in a Team 4 x 4 Landover.

7. 15th March. Standby Search. 15:35 Hrs. Wigan? Team requested to search for a missing from home, male. However as details were being established the person turned up.

6. 12th March. Standby Search. 18:35 Hrs. Pendle Hill. Team requested to search for a missing couple on Pendle Hill. This call was passed immediately to Rossendale FRT as this is their operational area. Team remained on standby (Controllers only) but we were not required.

5. 5th March. Spot Pick-up. 17:07 Hrs. Withnell Moor, Abbey Village. A female had slipped whilst crossing a stream and sustained a lower leg injury. Also, suffering with mild hypothermia. Team members were at the scene within 35 minutes and were waiting additional kit to arrive. However, the Lancashire Police helicopter arrived and insisted on moving her to the road head. Team Doctor who was a few minutes away from the scene returning from the hill (quickly) to give treatment. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

4. 13th February. Spot Pick-up. 15:15 Hrs. Cocklett Scar, Clougha Pike. Report of an off duty police officer who had sustained serious pelvic injuries and was suffering from hypothermia. The new Lancashire Police helicopter was mobile to the incident. Team requested to standby. It was suggested to the Police that the Team go mobile due to the nature of the injuries as Team members were on the way to get Team vehicles. However, news came that the casualty had been evacuated to the helicopter by those present on scene and we were not used.

3. 31st January. Standby Bad Weather Cover. 20:30 Hrs. Preston & North Lancashire. Full Team placed on standby at our Penwortham Base due to possible flooding. Rossendale Team brought to Forton near Garstang. However neither team was required and the stand down was given at 02:30 Hrs. 20 Team members on this standby.

2. 25th January. Standby Bad Weather Cover. 17:30 Hrs. Preston & North Lancashire. Full Team placed on standby due to bad weather conditions ready to assist the Police and Ambulance Services. Team not required and stood down at 09:00 Hrs the following day. 30 persons available.

1. 7th January. Search. 17:35 Hrs. Mallowdale Fell, Bowland. A group of four fell walkers had become lost on the Bowland Fells. Eventually they contacted Police via mobile phone and Team Leaders attempted to establish their position. However, this could not be determined with any accuracy and a Team vehicle with three persons was sent to locate them at an estimated position. They could not be located in this area. Several other locations were tried. Eventually, they were discovered at a shooting hut in Mallowdale some 8 miles in the opposite direction that they had reported and in another valley. Cold, wet and tired but all OK and relieved after their ordeal. (27 Rescue Person Hours)