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1998 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

30. 27th December. Standby Search / Body Recovery? 16:45 Hrs. River Ribble, Preston. Police had received a report of a possible body in the River Ribble at Preston. With no missing person report outstanding, onset of darkness and the river in flood it was decided to review the situation the following day. Preparations made for an early start the following day but with still with no one outstanding the team did not deploy and we stood down at 09:00 Hrs. (5 Rescue Person Hours)

29. 28th October. Search. 08:00 Hrs. Longridge. The Team commenced a search for a missing female described as vulnerable. Missing since the previous day but Team only called on second day of search. As Team was about to deploy on initial tasks a report came of a sighting just outside the Town. The missing person was located, alive, in a ditch by the roadside and taken to hospital. (12 Rescue Person Hours)

27. 24th October. Spot Pick-up. 12:58 Hrs. Great Hill, Anglezarke Moor. A group of eight teenagers on a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition got into difficulties on Anglezarke Moor. Weather conditions quite challenging with heavy rain and high winds. Two members of the party suffering hypothermia were evacuated by the Police Helicopter. Rest of party walked off the hill. 26 Team members attending this incident supported by Bolton MRT with16 persons. (39 Rescue Person Hours)

27. 4th October. Search. 13:15 Hrs. Silverdale Near Carnforth. Team requested to search for a vulnerable male in the Silverdale area. Reported as about to self-harm. However, with 25 Team members on route we were stood down when the missing person was located, cold and confused, on a lane in Silverdale and transported to hospital by the Ambulance Service. (25 Rescue Person Hours)

26. 1st October. Search. 18:30 Hrs. Pontins Holiday Camp, Blackpool. Team requested to search the area around the Pontins Holiday Camp on the sea front at Blackpool for a missing person. Concern for persons safety as he was a Down’s Syndrome sufferer. An extensive search of sand dunes and a nature reserve area, assisted by the Lancashire Police helicopter, was undertaken but nothing found. It was considered that the missing person may have headed towards the bright lights of Blackpool with a possible sighting. Team commenced a sweep search northwards along the beach & promenade using the P.A. on Landrover to attract attention of the public. It worked! Missing person was located, safe, by two Team members in an amusement arcade between the South and Central Piers. (60 Rescue Person Hours)

On the 27th September the Team once again provided Rescue Safety Cover for the Annual 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross in North Yorkshire. Two incidents to report as follows:

25. 27th September. Spot Pick-Up. 14:10 Hrs. Pen-y-Ghent. North Yorkshire. A competitor fell from his bike on Pen-y-Ghent lane and sustained a painful hip injury. He was placed in a full body vacuum mattress and transported to a waiting land ambulance in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

24. 27th September. Spot Pick-Up. 11:15 Hrs. Cold Cotes near Clapham. North Yorkshire. A competitor fell from his bike a few 100 metres from completing the descent from Ingleborough. He sustained a probable broken collar bone with cuts and bruises to his head and arms. He was assisted to the road head, seen by a doctor and advised to go to his local A & E.

23. 19th September. Search. 19:05 Hrs. Penwortham, Preston. Team requested to search for a missing elderly female described as vulnerable and confused. Missing for some 8 hours. The search area concentrated on an area of open ground around the "Old Tram Line", adjacent woods, and playing fields. During the initial searches of the area the news came that the missing person had been located in Lancaster and the search was called off. (25 Rescue person Hours)

22. 19th September. Spot Pick-up. 12:20 Hrs. Beacon Fell Country Park. Second call out of the day. A female had fallen and broken her lower leg / ankle near the summit trig point of Beacon Fell Country Park. Team carried the lady on a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher to the nearest track. She was then transported to the waiting land ambulance in a team 4 x 4 Landrover. (16 Rescue Person Hours)

21. 13th September. Spot Pick-up. 14:00 Hrs. Lead Mines Clough, Anglezarke Moors. A man had fallen from his horse sustaining a head injury and possible neck / spine injuries. The Team, on exercise in area immediately responded. Team members not on exercise but living in the Chorley area requested to attend as well. However, the Team stood down when it was reported that the injured person had walked to the land ambulance. (13 Rescue Person Hours)

20. 11th September. Search. 06:45 Hrs. Eaves Wood, Silverdale near Carnforth. The Team was contacted at 22:25 Hrs the previous evening with a request to assist in the search for a person missing. Missing for some 10 days from Warrington. His car had just been located in Silverdale. An extensive search of the woods, farmland and surrounding area was undertaken supported by mounted Police officers. Nothing found. (152 Rescue Person Hours)

19. 1st September. Search .19:50 Hrs. Whittle-le-Woods near Chorley. Lancashire Police requested the Team to search an area around Shaw Hill Golf Club and some adjacent quarries for a missing elderly male. However as the search was about to commence he was located near Chorley. 15 Team members responding to this incident. (5 Rescue Person Hours)

18. 14th August. Search. 09:05 Hrs. Lancaster. A female, missing in Manchester since the 15th June was possibly in the Lancaster area. A former patient at the Moor Hospital. An extensive search of the Moor Hospital grounds and the adjacent Williamson Park / Ashton Memorial area was undertaken over the next 8 hours. Team stood down at 17:00 Hrs with nothing found. 20 Team members attending this search. (160 Rescue Person Hours)

7th & 8th August. A small number of Team members provided a display and first aid cover for the Beacon Fell Country Park Open Day.

17. 7th August. Search. Advice 17:00 Hrs. Whalley. Team contacted by the Police as to what could be provided in the search for a missing from home in the centre of Whalley. No requirement for a search at this time. Police, also informed that this was part of Rossendale SRT’s area.

1st August. The Team again provided rescue safety cover for the Borrowdale Fell Race. No incidents to report.

16. 1st July. Spot. Pick-up 17:35 Hrs. River Lostock, Leyland. Team requested by Lancashire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a male from the River Lostock. Male reported as fallen down a very steep bank. However, the Team stood down responding when news was received that the person had been recovered by the Ambulance crew and some local "helpers". 20 Team members responded to this incident. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

27th June. Team again provided rescue safety cover for the annual 4 Peaks Challenge in the Lake District.

15. 24th June. Search. 09:45 Hrs. Preston. Team requested to search for an 8-year-old male. Missing from his home for some hours. However, the Team stood down responding when the news quickly came that he had been located safe and well.

14. 23rd June. Search. 10:49 Hrs. Parbold Hill. Police had been informed by a member of the public of clothing and possessions spread along a footpath on Parbold Hill. The clothing appeared to belong to a male. The Team commenced a search of the area supported by the Lancashire Police Helicopter. After a number of sightings of a highly mobile semi-naked man were reported from the area it was decided that the Team would stand down. 16 Team members attending this incident. (102 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. The following day the missing person was sighted near Wrighttington and arrested.

13. 7th June. Search / Advice.15:59 Hrs. Pendle Hill. Female separated from her walking group on Pendle Hill in thick mist. Located by a male walker who contacted the police but female in distraught state having become separated. Deputy Team Leader was able to speak to the informant and determined that he would be able to walk the lady off the hill and the Team would not be required. Rossendale Team Leader informed of the incident as this was in their area. (2 Rescue Person Hours)

12. 12th May. Search. 10:45 Hrs. Yarrow Valley Country Park near Chorley. Team requested to search for a vulnerable female missing since 21:30 Hrs the previous day having told her family she was going to "jump in the Big Lodge" at the Yarrow Valley Country Park. Shortly after commencing search areas the missing person was located, safe, wandering near Chorley Market. 16 team members attending this incident. (24 Rescue Person Hours)

11. 30th April. Search. Standish, Wigan. Team called out 1st May 14:00 Hrs. Team requested to assist Bolton MRT in the search for a vulnerable female missing from home. Search of various areas undertaken but nothing found. (102 Rescue Person Hours)

Bolton MRT Incident 26/1998.

Post Script. Unfortunately the body of the missing person was located two days later in a local pond.

10. 26th April. Spot Pick-up. Pen-y-Ghent, North Yorkshire. Whilst providing safety rescue cover for the Annual 3 Peaks Fell Race a competitor sustained an ankle injury descending Pen-y-Ghent. The casualty was transported off the fell by Team 4 x 4 Landrover.

9. 11th April. Spot-Pick-up. 16:24 Hrs. Ashton Park, Preston. Team requested to assist an ambulance, with patient, stuck in Ashton Park. Patient transferred to another ambulance by the Team and the stuck ambulance towed out by Team Landrover. (6 Rescue Person Hours)

8. 4th April. Search. 16:23 Hrs. Longridge. Request to search for a missing male from a farm in Longridge. Unfortunately, the body of the missing man was located and after the police had undertaken the necessary he was recovered to the road head by the Team. Our thoughts and sympathies are extended to the missing persons family. (63 rescue Person Hours)

6 & 7. 21st & 22nd March. Search. Cwmcarn, Newport, South Wales. The Teams SARDA(England) Dog handler and search dog Moss along with a navigator were requested to assist in the search for two females suspected of being murdered. Unfortunately, the body of one of the missing females was located during this search.

5. 7th March. Spot Pick-up. Kentmere, Lake District. Whilst on a SARDA assessment a "dogsbody" fell whilst crossing a river and sustained a lower leg and neck injury. Two Team members went to his aid. Kendal MSRT were contacted and an RAF Helicopter was also requested. Casualty was evacuated by helicopter to the Furness General Hospital.

4. 7th March. Search. Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan. A second day of searching (7 hours) but again nothing found.

Bolton MRT Incident 14/1998.

Post Script. The missing person was located at an Aunt’s house, safe, some days later.

3. 6th March. Search 14:15 Hrs. Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan. Request to assist Bolton MRT in the search for a missing 14-year-old female. 5 hours spent searching but nothing found.

Bolton MRT Incident 13/1998.

2. 15th February. Search. 20:30 Hrs. Longton, Preston. Team requested to search for a 7-year-old male. Missing from his bedroom. However, as the Team was about to deploy the missing person was located, safe, in another part of the house! (2.5 Rescue Person Hours)

1. 15th February. Advice 14:00 Hrs. Clapham, North Yorkshire. Team Leader was contacted direct by phone by a group of walkers in difficulty in the Clapham area. Two of their party separated and not returned. Information was passed onto Cave Rescue Organisation as this is their operational area. (0.5 Rescue Person Hours)