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2001 Incidents and Call Outs

31. 8th December Spot Pick Up 15.20hrs Heapy near Chorley. Lancashire Ambulance requested Team to assist in a pick up of a fallen horse rider to waiting ambulance.

30. 1st December Search 10.00 hrs Lancaster. Team was called again to search for missing student (see incident 29), after personal items identified as the student’s were found by a local farmer north east of Lancaster. The Team utilised 5 Search Dogs and the full Team on the search, but once again after an extensive search nothing was found and the Team stood down at 16.00 hrs. SARDA search dogs from Calder Valley SRT were in support.

(Post note – The students body was found some days latter outside areas searched)

29. 27th November Search 10.22 hrs Lancaster. Team called to search Williamson Park and surrounding countryside for missing male student aged 20.  Police alerted the Team after his parents had reported him missing and had failed to attend University lectures. After an extensive search nothing was found and the Team stood down at 16.44 hrs.  Lancashire Police ASU were in support.

28. 18th November RTA 14.30 hrs Tower Lodge, Trough Road, Forest of Bowland. Team called to car fire on the Trough Road, transported mother and 2 small children back to our Smelt Mill Headquarters for safety whilst awaiting for the Fire & Rescue Service. Team vehicle was placed in prominent position to warn other motorists.

27. 15th November Advice 13.45 hrs Rivington. The Team was paged to attend an incident at Rivington. Report of male with suspected broken ankle. As this is not the Teams normal area of operation the call was passed to our neighbouring Team, Bolton MRT, immediately

26. 11th November Spot Pick Up 14.00 hrs approx. Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland. Team was alerted by Lancashire Ambulance Service to a male suspected of having an angina attack close to Smelt Mill, our Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland. The man was treated at scene and lifted to hospital by Air Ambulance                

25. 14th October Body Recovery 21.45 hrs Tunstall, North Lancashire. Team called to assist Lancashire Police in the recovery of a body of a fisherman, found on the banks of the River Lune. Indications are that the fisherman may have died following a heart attack. The Team carried the body about 1.5 km to waiting vehicle and stood down 23.55 hrs.

24. 14th October Search 19.20 hrs Longridge Fell / Stoneyhurst College. A hot air balloon had been reported on fire and crashing into Longridge Fell. After an extensive search on and around the Fell nothing was found and the Team stood down at 21.20 hrs.

23. 10th October Search 04.30 hrs Chorley. Team was paged by Lancashire Police to urgently mount a search for a missing 9 year old, in open ground east of Chorley. As the Team was mobilising, thankfully, the child turned up safe. Team stood down at 04.40 hrs.

22. 29th September Search 12.40 hrs Blackpool. Search for missing male with punctured lung after being reported missing by staff from A & E at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Team was requested to search countryside at the rear of the hospital. The person was located and the Team stood down at 13.05 hrs just as we were about to deploy.

21. 23rd September Search 20.05 hrs Burscough. Team requested to search wooded area near Burscough for a missing young person, after reports of persons eating “magic mushrooms” and the possibilities of the persons being unconscious. The person was located and the Team stood down at 21.40 hrs.

20. 9th September Search 18.00 hrs Cockerham. Search for missing male aged 20 believed to be suicidal. After an extensive search of the surrounding area, the man was found safe and well by the Team. The Team stood down at 22.25 hrs. Lancashire Police Air Support Unit was in support.

19. 6th September Search 20.40 hrs Goosnargh / Whittingham Area. Search for missing male with drug problems, also believed to have suicidal tendencies. The man turned up on his own accord just as Team was paged. We stood down at 20.50 hrs.

18. 2nd September Search 09.05 hrs Poulton-Le-Fylde & Hambleton. Search for missing male aged 24 described as depressed. The search was centred on open countryside and the banks of the River Wyre. Nothing found and the Team was stood down at 11.45 hrs. SARDA dog used (Bracken).

17. 28th August Spot Pick Up 14.45 hrs Fairsnape Fell, Forest of Bowland. The Team was again called to assist Lancashire Ambulance after a Para-glider crash-landed on Fairsnape Fell with suspected leg fractures. The Team evacuated the injured man by stretcher to the waiting Air Ambulance.

16. 8th August Spot Pick Up 15.00 hrs Anglezarke Quarry, West Pennine Moors. A male climber aged 38 had fallen approximately 35 feet, sustaining suspected pelvic and lower arm injuries. Team evacuated the man about half a mile using a specialised vacuum mat stretcher to the waiting Air Ambulance Helicopter, from where he was taken to Bolton R.I. The Team was stood down at 16.40 hrs.

15. 4th August Safety Cover Borrowdale Fell Race. The Team again provided safety cover for the annual Borrowdale Fell Race. No incidents to report.

14. 27th July Spot Pick Up 18.01 hrs Fairsnape Fell, Forest of Bowland. A call was received from Lancashire Ambulance Service to attend an incident on Fairsnape Fell, where a male Para-glider had crashed.  The pilot had got caught in turbulence and lost control crashing approximately forty feet into the side of Fairsnape Fell. He had a suspected broken leg, broken arm and facial injuries. The Team attended along side Air Ambulance medics then stretchered him down the fell to a waiting ambulance.

13. 7th July Search A59 near Clitheroe. Team called out to assist Rossendale Search and Rescue Team for a missing depressed suicidal male. Search made of road verges. The man turned up safe and both Teams were stood down.

12. 6th July Search Euxton near Chorley. Team called out to search for missing  depressed male. The man was located by an off duty police officer and the Team was stood down not long after.

11. 1st July Search 17.35 hrs Adlington. Team called again to search for the missing male  (incident 10) after new information following the discovery of a note written by the missing Individual. The missing male was again not located and the Teams was stood down at 23.00 hrs. Bolton MRT were in attendance again.

10. 30th June Search 11.35 hrs Adlington. Call out to assist Bolton MRT in an expanding search of open countryside around Adlington for missing vulnerable 46-year-old male. After an extensive search of the area the missing male was not located and the Teams were stood down at 19.15 hrs.

9. 24th June Search 16.45 hrs Standish, Greater Manchester. Team called to assist Bolton MRT in search for missing 83 year old female recently placed in a local care home. After an extensive search the missing lady was not found and both Teams were stood down at 23.00 hrs.

8. 11th May Search 11.05 hrs Denham Quarry & West Pennine Moors. Team called to search for missing female (see incident 7). After an extensive search of Anglezarke Moor, Denham Woods and Tockholes Brow nothing was found. However two Team members and a search dog did come across a make shift shelter together with a possible sighting of the female in Denham Woods.  This information was passed onto the police, who later confirmed that it was the missing person after she had turned up some hours later without informing anyone. Team stood down at 20.05 hrs.  Bolton MRT assisted.

7. 10th May Standby Search  21.10 hrs Whittle-Le-Woods. Team Leader informed of missing female by Lancashire Police (possibly suicidal).  Team on standby but not required.

6. 9th May Search 07.20 hrs Walton-Le-Dale. Team Search Controllers called to search woods in the Walton-Le-Dale area for a missing girl. Full Team page had just been called when the girl was found on wasteland with arm injuries. Team attendance was not required

5. 20th February Search 20.44 hrs Pendle Hill  (Barley). Team called to assist Rossendale SRT in search for missing male and three children aged two, three and seven. They had become lost in mist during their decent of Pendle Hill. All were found safe and well at approximately 22.00 hrs in Ogden Clough by our SARDA dog Bracken and handler. Lancashire Police helicopter in support.

4. 20th February Body Recovery 14.45 hrs Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland. Lancashire Police requested Team assistance in the recovery of body (female) from steep ground between the Team’s Smelt Mill Headquarters and Langden Intake, Trough Road. The car in which the female was travelling had left the road and crashed down the embankment coming to rest approximately forty feet from the road.

3. 20th January Spot Pick Up 15.22 hrs Chipping, Forest of Bowland. Hang glider crashed on landing, injuring pilot. Lancashire Ambulance Service called Team to evacuate pilot to waiting ambulance however the pilot was evacuated by the Air Ambulance and the Team was stood down at 15.35 hrs.

2. 10th January Crag / Body Recovery 09.00 hrs Warton Crag, North Lancashire. Lancashire Police requested a small Team to search the top of the crag for personal articles connected with incident 1. Indications are that the man may have been bird watching and slipped at the top of the crag. The crag face directly above the line of fall was also searched.

1. 9th January Crag / Body Recovery 15.20hrs Warton Crag, North Lancashire. A male fell approximately 250 ft, found dead at scene. Team recovered the body from the foot of the crag to a waiting ambulance.