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2005 Incidents and Call Outs

59. 26th November Search 09:00 Whittingham, Near Preston.  A final day of searching. Joined by Rossendale Pendle MRT today. Sadly nothing found over this period of intensive searching. Police investigations continue.   (42 Rescue person hours)

58. 25th November Search 09:00 Whittingham, Near Preston.  A third day of searching a wide area of the old hospital grounds and farm land. Colleagues from Bolton MRT again present.  (70 Rescue person hours)

57. 24th November Search 09:00 Whittingham, Near Preston.  Continuing the search at Whittingham. Now joined by extensive Police resources & a contingent from Bolton MRT.  (70 Rescue person hours)

56. 23rd November Search 09:00 Whittingham, Near Preston. Following extensive pre-planning the Team returned to the grounds of the former hospital at Whittingham  and surrounding area to continue the long running search for a 65 year old male, missing since June this year (see incident 23 below and others). Team targeted specific areas in advance of a major Lancashire Police initiative over the next days to resolve this incident. (112 Rescue person hours)

55. 13th November Spot Pick Up 16.10 Hrs Burns Farm, Nicky Nook, Near Garstang. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with a request for assistance from Lancashire Ambulance Service. A male walker had fallen, broken his ankle and sustained a minor head injury in the fall. Person feeling cold with falling temperatures and dark approaching fast.  Team carried patient 500m across boggy, water logged fields (mud) and a steep gully to waiting Ambulance, also providing lighting for rest of injured persons party. Due to remote location and complex maze of country lanes in the locality Team escorted Ambulance to the A6 for onward journey to Royal Lancaster Infirmary.  (30 Rescue person hours)

54. 29th October Search 12:28 Hrs Forton Services, M6 Motorway, Near Lancaster.  Following an RTC (Road Traffic Collision) some hours earlier a request was made by Lancashire Police to search farmland and woods around Forton Services on the M6 motorway south of Lancaster. A car had collided with the central reservation and caught fire. The driver was missing and when he did not appear at home it was assumed he may be injured near by. Search called off when person located in Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Search dog from SARDA, Police helicopter and other Police units in support. (65 Rescue person hours)

53. 28th October Search 15:34 Hrs Brungerley Bridge, Clitheroe.  Team paged by Lancashire Police concerning two children aged 11 who had gone for a walk from Brungerley Bridge in the direction of Waddington Fell. They were in contact by mobile phone but had been caught out in a downpour and were now tired and cold. As Team were preparing to deploy we were informed that they had reached safety and we stood down.

52. 26th October Spot Pick Up  15:11 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Stocks, Bowland. Team paged with a request  from Lancashire Ambulance Service to assist a female with a broken leg in Gisburn Forrest. Initial reports were that Air Ambulance & land crew were at Stocks Reservoir but not with the casualty. A long carry was anticipated as the Air Ambulance could not get close.  First Landrover was mobile from our Penwortham vehicle base within 14 minutes but Team was  soon stood down with 15 persons responding when we were informed the woman had walked down to the Ambulance!!!! (10 Rescue Person Hours)

51. 23rd October Body Recovery 17:38 Hrs Ellel Quarry, nr Lancaster, Preston. Team paged by Lancashire Police concerning the recovery of a body from Ellel Quarry near Hampson Green. Task completed. (30 Rescue Person Hours)

50. 22nd October Search 22:48 Hrs Bleasdale, Trough of Bowland. Team paged by Lancashire Police concerning an ongoing incident involving two missing walkers in the Bleasdale area. They had been in contact with Police by mobile phone and had been advised to walk off the hill to the Packhorse Bridge near Bleasdale School. But, they had not appeared. Team arranged to meet at the School and commence a search of the area. Three Team members staying at our Smelt Mill base in the Trough of Bowland also tasked with driving the Langden Valley and walking over Fiendsdale Head to the School. Footpath searches commenced in the Bleasdale area by 00:15 hrs. However, the missing persons were located just west of Langden Castle in the Lingy Pits area at approx. 00:20 Hrs by the search unit dispatched from Smelt Mill. (45 Rescue Person Hours)

49. 15th October Spot Pick Up 13:48 Hrs River Ribble, Penwortham, Preston. Team paged by Lancashire Police concerning a person collapsed on river bank in the Penwortham area. North West Air Ambulance crew with casualty but unable to egress due to location and distance back to helicopter. As no exact details of location were available Team paged and asked to initially RV at our Penwortham vehicle base while additional information obtained. After contacting Lancashire Ambulance Service things became a little clearer and the Team was able to access the casualty by Landrover 1 mile down stream of Penwortham Holme Bridge. The casualty was reported as suffering from anaphylactic shock. The Air Ambulance had been unable to access closer to the casualty due to overhead power lines. Team carried the casualty on our new Titan stretcher some 500m to the waiting helicopter. (23 Rescue Person Hours)

48. 12th October Search 12:58 Hrs Dunsop Bridge, Trough of Bowland. Former Team Leader was contacted direct by Lancashire Police concerning a walker lost on the hills above Dunsop Bridge. Mobile phone contact was available with the person and he was able to describe his route. He had apparently been walking and camping for three days but had become disorientated in very bad weather and low visibility. Lancashire Police Force Incident manager was informed and a full Team page issued at 13:12 hrs. From his route description it was determined he was between Beatrix Fell and Baxton Fell. He was requested to stay put and keep warm. Hasty path and wall/fence line searches were undertaken from Whitendale, Beatrix, Burn side and the end of the Salter fell track. He was quickly located in the Dunsop Fell area - a little cold but safe - at 15:05 hrs. (50 Rescue Person Hours)

47. 10th October Search 17:12 hrs Penwortham, Preston. Team Incident Controllers were paged by Lancashire Police in relation to a missing 82 year old reported as suffering from Alzheimer's. The person had been missing since midday and concern was growing for their safety. As information was being gathered the missing person turned up safe and well and the full Team services were not required.

46. 2nd October RTC 17:10 hrs Trough of Bowland. Team paged concerning a request from Lancashire Ambulance Service to attend an RTC in the Trough of Bowland. Unfortunately, our Smelt Mill Headquarters was unattended at the time and we were unable to respond quicker than the land ambulance already dispatched. No action taken.

45. 25th September Safety Cover 09.30 - 16.00 hrs Helwith Bridge, Yorkshire Dales. For the 44th year running we again provided safety cover for the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross race starting at Helwith Bridge in North Yorkshire and taking in the summits of Ingleborough, Whernside & Pen-y-Ghent. One major incident to report. A competitor managed to fall of his bike and suffered a serious injury. Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) requested to provide backup support as this would have been a long carry off. However, the Team was able to access the casualty with Team Landrover high on the slopes of Ingleborough. At the finish an unusually high number of walking wounded (who had all actually completed the race) including possible broken collar bone, broken cheek, collapsed with exhaustion/low blood sugar, dislocated fingers plus some serious cuts to knees, ankles & lower legs. All patched up and advised to visit hospital where necessary. (195 Rescue Person hours).

44. 18th September Safety Cover 08.00 - 16.00 hrs Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland The Team provided safety cover for the 2nd British Heart Foundation 'Heart of England' sponsored walk. Over 320 persons participating this year. This consisted of a number of routes from Dunsop Bridge to the official 'Centre of the British Isles' near Brennand Hanging Stones taking in the Whitendale Valley and the Salter Fell Roman Road. Routes for disabled & wheelchair users were also covered as well as shorter walks around Dunsop Bridge. There were no incidents to report although there were some interesting navigational skills on display! (80 Rescue Person hours).

43. 17th September Search/Spot Pick Up 16.15 Bowland Knotts, Trough of Bowland The Team was contacted by Lancashire Police in relation to a member of a shooting party who had returned alone to his car after complaining he did not feel well. When the main party returned to their cars they discovered he had not returned and a search was instigated. An immediate request was made to Lancashire Police to place our colleagues from the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) on standby. However, we were soon informed that a body had been located. The Team was stood down with a number of members on scene when it was established that the Lancashire Police helicopter would do the recovery. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

42. 28th August Search 15:25 hrs Preston.  Team Incident Controllers were paged by Lancashire Police in relation to a missing 9 year old in Preston. However, no suitable task or area could be allocated to the Team on the available information and enquires continued. The youth was eventually located at approximately 21:45 hrs some miles from place last seen.  Contact was maintained with the Police Search Manager  and Force Incident Manager throughout this incident.(3 Rescue Person Hours)

41. 28th August First Aid 11:00 hrs Smelt Mill, Trough of Bowland. A cyclist who had just fallen off his bike called in to our Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland to ask for assistance. He was treated for a minor hand injury.

40. 26th August Spot Pick up 18.15 hrs Beacon Fell, nr Chipping. Forest of Bowland The Team was paged by Lancashire Police to assist Lancashire Ambulance Service with a female who had apparently fallen and broken here ankle on Beacon Fell. Team attended and carried the woman on a Bell Mountain rescue stretcher to the waiting ambulance.  (20 rescue person hours)

39. 20th August Search 20:20 hrs Upholland, nr Skelmersdale.  The Team was paged by Lancashire Police in relation to a missing 78 year old female reported as suffering from Alzheimer's. Fortunately, she was quickly located and the Team stood down within one hour. When the Team was stood down Incident Controllers and Control vehicles were already in Upholland with other Team members on standby at our Penwortham vehicle base. SARDA dog handlers also on standby.  (20 Rescue Person Hours)

38. 11th August RTC 15:00 hrs Trough of Bowland.  A passer by called into Smelt Mill, our Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland and informed the Team that a motorcyclist with passenger this time  had crashed into a gully some 500m down the road.   First Aid was administered for 20 minutes until Air & Land Ambulances arrived. See also incident 33 below. Becoming a bit of a black spot for motorcyclists this.(1 Rescue Person Hour)

37. 9th August Spot Pick Up 19:44 hrs Abbey Village. Team Controllers were contacted by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager with a request from Lancashire Ambulance Service.  They had received a report of a mountain biker with a serious head injury on a track near Abbey Village. The Team was stood down when it was ascertained that Ambulance crew could access the casualty and we were no longer required.

36. 7th August RTC 14.50 A591 1 mile south of Keswick Team members returning from Borrowdale in team vehicles (incident 35), came across the scene of a recent RTC involving a motorcyclist and a car.  An off-duty paramedic and nurse were treating the motorcyclist so Team members administered first aid and began clinical observations on the car passenger, who was suffering from severe chest pains, until the arrival of a  ambulance.  Team members then selected a landing site for and marshalled the Great North Air Ambulance (3 rescue person hours)

35. 6th August Safety Cover Borrowdale Fell Race The Team again provided safety cover for this event in the Lake District. Over 380 runners this year. No fell incidents to report. Team dealt with 6 casualties on the field including a suspected heart attack who was dispatched to hospital. (210 Rescue Person Hours)

34. 26th July Search 10.02 hrs Poulton-Le-Fylde. The police called the team out to search for two missing girls, aged 9 and 13, from the Poulton-Le-Fylde area. The team were stood down, with three controllers on site and twenty team members responding, when the two girls turned up. SARDA dogs were also Responding (12 Rescue Person hours)

33. 3rd July RTC 13:25 hrs Trough of Bowland A passer by called into Smelt Mill, our Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland and informed Team members that a motorcyclist had crashed into a gully some 500m down the road. The Team immediately responded. First Aid was administered for 25 minutes until the Air Ambulance arrived. Team members marshalled the helicopter into land with a smoke flare on the Trough Road. Then assisted with the evacuation of the casualty to the helicopter, he was then taken to the Royal Preston Hospital (6 Rescue Person hours).

This is an almost identical incident to No. 45 2003 .

32. 2nd July First Aid Preston Whilst on a Mountain Rescue Awareness Day & street collection in Preston City centre two members of the public, in separate incidents, collapsed and sustained head injuries in the subsequent falls. The Team administered First Aid and handed over to the Ambulance Service on their arrival. (1 Rescue Person hour)

31. 29th June Search 18:30 Whittingham, Near Preston The Team returned to Whittingham to carry out intensive re-searching of priority areas. Nothing found. (100 Rescue Person hours)

30. 28th June Offer of assistance 22:00 Hrs - Burnley Area While returning from Whittingham in Team vehicles a Lancashire Ambulance crew was heard on radio requesting assistance of Mountain Rescue. Lancashire Ambulance Services Control room was immediately contacted to determine where the incident was but our services not required. We believe another MRT was tasked (Rossendale Pendle?)

29. 28th June Search 17:30 Whittingham, Near Preston The Team again attended at Whittingham. Search dogs from SARDA were deployed. Team members providing search control, navigation & local knowledge skills supported the dog handlers. SARDA units from Bowland Pennine, Rossendale Pendle & Bolton MRT’s and the Cave Rescue Organisation involved (48 Rescue Person hours).

28. 28th June Search 09:53 Longridge Fell, Longridge The Team Leader was contacted directly by Lancashire Police regarding a missing vulnerable male. Missing for 3 days from Manchester his car had been located near Jeffery Hill on Longridge Fell. The Team was paged and a request made to SARDA for search dogs. Unfortunately, Lancashire Police Forces helicopter (ON 99) located a body and the Team was stood down with 18 Team & SARDA members responding. Team members assisted with the recovery of the body (30 Rescue Person hours)

27. 27th June Search Planning 18:00 Whittingham, Near Preston The Team was again contacted in relation to the missing person at Whittingham (Incident 23). A request was made for a search on the following evenings using search dogs (SARDA) & the Team. Arrangements were made for the following evenings (2 Rescue Person Hours)

26. 25th /26th June Team 25th Anniversary Celebration Due to the Team attending a “Black Tie” Ball in celebration our 25th Anniversary arrangements were made for another Team to cover our area. Thanks to Rossendale & Pendle MRT.

25. 20th June Search 16.00  Whittingham, Near Preston  And again the team were contacted by the Police to search for the Misper in incidents 23 & 24 following a sighting in woodland 2 miles south of the original search area, the team & SARDA search dogs covered the area & again found nothing.  (40 Rescue Person hours)

24. 19th June Search 11.55 Whittingham, Near Preston.  The team had just put the vehicles to bed when we were paged by Lancashire Police for the same search!  The Police requested a large scale re-search of a 1 mile radius of point last seen.  So we all went out again, this time calling on the assistance of our colleagues in Rosendale Pendle MRT & SARDA.  We searched again with Mountain Rescue & Police teams, the search was stood down at 17.30 with nothing found.  Dogs units from Bowland Pennine, Rossendale Pendle & Edale MRT’s and the Cave Rescue Organisation were used (160 Rescue person hours)

23. 19th June Search 03.12 Whittingham, Near Preston The team were paged by Lancashire Police to undertake an urgent search of fields & woodland, to look for a missing vulnerable 65 year old male.  15 team members responded & searched all night with SARDA (Search dogs) & Air support, the incident was stood down at 11.45 with nothing found.  (130 Rescue Person hours)

22. 10th June Spot Pick Up 19:04 Langden Valley, Forest of Bowland  Team members again covering incident 20 at Smelt Mill were advised by a local farmer that a man had collapsed in Bleawater off the Langden Valley. A Landrover and four persons were immediately despatched to Langden Castle and the Team Leader informed. Team Leader contacted the Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager who had also received details of the incident from Lancashire Ambulance Service and a full Team page was initiated. Unfortunately, on arrival at the scene the Team was unable to help the person and the body was recovered to the road head. (48 Rescue Person hours)

21. 7th June RTC 16:00 Hrs Trough Road, nr Dunsop Bridge Team members providing safety cover for incident 20 attended a potentially serious road traffic accident close to our Smelt Mill Headquarters. A motorcyclist had struck and broken the windscreen of a coach full of about 40 persons near a steep embankment. Amazingly, no one was injured. (4 Rescue Person hours)

20. 6th June - 12th June Safety Cover 08.00 – 17.00 hrs Forest of Bowland  For the third year the Team provided rescue safety cover for hundreds of walkers enjoying the Bowland Festival, RSPB moorland safaris & walks in the “new areas” freed up by the right to roam legislation. Excellent weather and the Brewery visit was enjoyed by all. (Over 7 days: Over 220 Rescue Person hours)

19. 1st June Advice 10:30hrs Accrington Team Leader contacted direct by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager (FIM) in relation to a missing male. After a short discussion it was determined that this incident was not in our area. It was suggested to the FIM that he contact our neighbouring Team, Rossendale & Pendle MRT. Team Controllers placed on standby but our services not required (0.25 Rescue Person hours)

18. 29th May RTC 16:00 Penworthham On returning to our Penwortham vehicle base in Preston with the Team minibus following a training exercise two Team members were approached by a member of the public informing them that there was a serious road accident a short distance away. They immediately took a Team Landrover Ambulance to assist, arriving first on-scene. Lancashire Ambulance Service and the trauma Team from A & E Royal Preston Hospital also present.

17. 22nd May Search 17:01 hrs Wray. The Team was contacted by Lancashire Police to search for a male who had been missing for sometime in  the Wray area of North Lancashire. Due to the time of the incident, nature of the search area and it’s large size an immediate decision was made to request the Search & Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) and colleagues from our neighbouring rescue team, the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) to assist. After identifying a point where the male was last seen a search of the surrounding area was undertaken. Sadly, a short time after commencing the search a SARDA dog indicated a find and this resulted in the location of a body. The body was recovered by the Team up the steep wooded banking. (130 Rescue Person Hours)

16. 15th May Search/Spot Pick Up 14.17 hrs Croasdale Fell, Slaidburn. The Team were paged by Lancashire Police following a request from Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service. They had been dealing with a report of a  lady who was stuck down a hole on Croasdale Fell. There was some difficulty in locating the exact position of the incident. As the Team were responding the Police Helicopter landed near the lady and were able to assist. The lady was then flown to a land ambulance near by.  The helicopter then returned to evacuate a second person. The location of this incident was reported as Dunsop Fell well away from the original location. Neither person was injured. The Team stood down after it was determined no other persons were left on the hill. (25 Rescue person hours).

During this incident two Team members dealt with a motorcyclist who had fallen off his bike near Dunsop Bridge and suffered an apparent dislocated shoulder.

15. 23rd April Rope Rescue 20:52 hrs Denham Quarry, Brinscall. Team controllers were paged by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager to assist Lancashire Ambulance Service with a 16 year old youth who had fallen onto a ledge in the Quarry with severe injuries being reported. A full Team page was initiated with the first Team member arriving on-scene at 21:07. The youths had apparently been “soloing” Splash ArÍte (V.Diff) and one had fallen about 25ft onto a ledge narrowly missing falling the full height into the pond.  Ambulance Paramedics had managed to climb up to the person and it was quickly ascertained that a full technical crag rescue was required using a horizontal stretcher lower. A request was made to Lancashire Police for site illumination from their Air Support Unit. A Team medic joined the paramedics on the ledge and after the patient had been stabilised, the Lancashire Ambulance crew were replaced by a further 3 Team members. The youth was loaded on to a stretcher and the horizontal lower was completed. The Air Support Unit remained on scene providing illumination both during the lower and for the short carry to the waiting ambulance. The youth sustained chest injuries and a possible broken wrist.  (40 Rescue person hours)

14. 10th April Offer of assistance 14:30 Hrs - Blackburn / Burnley Area On returning with team vehicles from weekend training in the Trough of Bowland a Lancashire Ambulance crew was heard on radio requesting assistance of Mountain Rescue. An immediate response was given but location was well out of normal area of operation. We believe another MRT was tasked (Rossendale Pendle ?)

13. 9th April Spot Pick Up 15.30 hrs - Birkett Fell, near Newton, Trough of Bowland The Team attended to a Scout on the same event as incident 12. He had sustained a suspected broken ankle on the fell between two checkpoints. He had been located and given good initial first aid by Scout Leaders. Two Team members in Landrover responded immediately and located the casualty. His ankle was splinted and he was placed in a casualty bag. On arrival of further Team members he was then evacuated by stretcher to the road where he was handed over to a waiting Lancashire Ambulance Service crew. (12 Rescue person hours)

12. 9th April First Aid / Assistance 13.30 hrs - Burholme Farm, near Dunsop Bridge, Trough of Bowland Team members on training became aware of an injured Scout taking part in a large well-organised navigation event. Two Team members attended in Landrover and it became apparent that the Scout had sustained a minor knee injury. A second Scout was vomiting. The whole group required transportation back to their base.  This was provided with a Team Landrover with the Scout being left in the care of the event organisers. (2 Rescue person hours)

11. 9th April First Aid / Assistance 12.00 hrs - Langden Valley, Trough of Bowland An exhausted and hypothermic cyclist approached Team members who were on exercise in the Trough of Bowland.  New to cycling, he had left home a couple of hours ago in sunshine but the weather had since deteriorated to sleet and he had become very wet and cold. He was assessed, given hot fluid and warmed prior to being provided with suitable clothing and continuing his journey home.  (3 Rescue person hours)

10. 25th March Search 08:00 hrs - Langdale, Cumbria. 22 Team members travelled to Ambleside to continue the search for the missing male. Despite extensive searches in the Great & Little Langdale area nothing was found. Other Teams involved included Langdale Ambleside MRT, Kendal MSRT, Millom & Furness MRT, Coniston MRT, RAF Valley MRT, SARDA (England & Lake District) and COMRU (Mines Rescue). (176 Rescue person hours)

Postscript: The gentleman concerned was located safe on 26th March. He had apparently been camping out in a local campsite.

9. 24th March Search planning 18:30 hrs - Langdale, Cumbria. The Team was contacted directly by Langdale Ambleside MRT in relation to a missing male in the Great / Little Langdale area. He had been missing for over 24 hours and the search was to be scaled up the following day. Arrangements were made to travel to the Lakes the following day - Good Friday. (2 Rescue person hours)

8. 20th March Search 02:47 hrs - Hodder Valley, Mitton, Forest of Bowland. Team was paged by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager (FIM) to search for two missing canoeists reported as “in the water”. Yes, this is 02:47 on a Sunday morning! Apparently, they had raised the alarm by a text message to a friend some hours earlier. An immediate search of the banks of the River Hodder above and below Higher Hodder Bridge was commenced. This involved other emergency services including Police Air Support & Lancashire Fire and Rescue. Two persons were eventually located, cold, but safe. The Team evacuated them to incident control up steep riverbanks and by Landrover. It was then ascertained that another three canoeists were also missing further up the river. At least one was reported as “been in the river”. Further searches of steep wooded, riverbanks commenced upstream and a SARDA Search Dog was also deployed. As first light approached the Air Support helicopter was able to return and very quickly found the others canoeists. The helicopter was able to land in a nearby field and confirm they were OK. The Team provided extra clothing and warm drinks, again evacuating to incident control by Landrover. A Lancashire Ambulance Service crew was on hand to confirm all were now safe and well.  (85 Rescue person hours)  

The Team does not usually comment on the whys or wherefores of persons it assists but in this case it must be realised that but for a very mild night for the time of year the outcome of this incident may have been very different.

7. 19th March Safety Cover 11.00 hrs - Fiendsdale Fell Race, Forest of Bowland. The Team again provided safety cover for this event. This year’s race was an English National Championship event, the first of the season, attracting over 420 competitors.  Team attended to one competitor with a twisted ankle, no other incidents reported with only 4 retirements.  (220 Rescue person hours)

6. 18th March Search 18:30 hrs - Samlesbury near Preston. The Team Leader was contacted directly by Lancashire Police concerning a missing male in the Samlesbury area. However, the Team was not deployed. (1 rescue person hour)

 5. 18th March Search 09:48 hrs - Burnley. Lancashire Police paged the Team at the request of the Team Leader of Rossendale Pendle MRT. They had a missing, vulnerable, person in the Burnley area. As the Team was responding the person turned up safe and well at home. (20 Rescue person hours)

4. 26th February Search 08:00 hrs - Blackpool. Continuing incident 3 with intensive searches around Blackpool Zoo, Stanley Park, Hotel grounds, a Nature Reserve & the golf course. (90 Rescue person hours)

Postscript: Some days later a body was found very close to the Hospital in an area that the team had not been tasked to search. 

3. 25th February Search 15:00 hrs - Blackpool. The Team was called to assist in the search for a patient missing from Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Extensive searches around Marton Mere and surrounding area were to no avail. Police Air Support and Mounted Division also involved, Underwater Search team also used in the next few days.  (125 Rescue person hours)

2. 20th - 22nd February Search - Brantingham near Hull. Over the weekend the Team’s SARDA unit was called to Humberside to assist in the search for a missing female.

Postscript: Unfortunately the body of the missing female was located some time later.

1. 5th January Search 01:35 hrs - Blackburn / Darwen area. The Team’s SARDA unit was called to assist Bolton MRT in the search for a missing male. (6 Rescue person hours)

Postscript: Some days later a body was found in a reservoir near by.