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2006 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

46. 29th December Search 17:18 hrs Waddington. Team Incident Controllers paged with a request from Lancashire Police to search for a female, aged 61, reported as missing at 16:15 hrs in the Waddington area near Clitheroe. Reported as possibly about to self harm on Waddington Fell. Members of the family also reported as undertaking their own searches.  As the Team was on route to Waddington with 2 vehicles mobile and 15 persons responding news came that the missing person had been found, safe, about 300m from the place last seen (PLS). (15 Rescue person hours).

17th December Standby Search 09:00 Hrs Rossendale area. Team Leader contacted directly by Deputy Team Leader of Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team. RPMRT had been on a search since the early hours and requested back-up to continue. Team paged to standby and preparations made to travel to East Lancashire. However, we were soon contacted with the news that unfortunately a body had been located. 

45. 12th December  Spot pick-up / Body Recovery 09:38 Hrs Burnslack, Trough of Bowland . Team paged directly by North West Ambulance Service (Lancashire) with a request to back up the North West Air Ambulance attending a male reported as collapsed in a steep sided stream bed on the fell above Burnslack. Team immediately responded but it was soon confirmed by the Air Ambulance paramedics that the person had, sadly, died. Team stood down from an emergency response and continued to the RV for what would now be a body recovery. Following a few appropriate words and a moments pause to reflect the evacuation to Burnslack was completed.  Team stood down at 13:08hrs  (45 Rescue Person Hours)

10th December Search Standby 15:10 hrs Astley Park, Chorley. Team Leader contacted directly by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager concerning a 25 year old male reported as about to self-harm, a search of Astley Park in Chorley was requested. Team Leader contacted Police Officer in charge of the incident and it was quickly established that the Police had some leads to follow up. It was decided to take no action and wait for the enquires to be completed. Person located safe by Police at 15:40 hrs.  Team not required.

44. 26th November Search 16:36 hrs Penwortham. Team paged with a request to search for a vulnerable male reported as missing since the previous day in the Penwortham area. It was decided to run the incident out of our Cop Lane base in Penwortham. Team paged and 26 Team members responded. A number of search areas in the Factory Lane, Middleforth Green and towards the River Ribble along the old railway line areas were identified. The person was located safe by Team members and the we stood down at 18:51 Hrs. (75 Rescue person hours).

26th November Search Standby 09:30 hrs Preston. Team Leader contacted by Duty Inspector at Preston Police Station to give us a “heads up” that they had a missing person that was described as “highly mobile”. With no identified search areas at this time it was decided to wait until further sightings or information was available. During the conversation it was established that the missing person was possibly the same person as incident 50.

Post Script: this person was located in Ingleton, North Yorkshire the following day having apparently walked there!  

25th November 16:00 hrs – 26th November 09:00 hrs.  Team provided cover for the northern part of Rossendale & Pendle MRT’s area while they attended their Annual Dinner. 

Also, on the night of 25th - 26th November A number of Team members (6) attended a very successful joint exercise with Kendal MSRT in the Howgills.

43. 24th November Search 01:58 hrs Ormskirk. Lancashire Police requested Team to search for a missing person in an area of farmland / open country including a golf course to the east of Ormskirk. On arrival at the RV the Team was immediately stood down, as the person had been located safe. (10 Rescue person hours).

42. 9th November Search 14:44 hrs Longridge Fell. The Team was asked to search for a vulnerable male who had become separated from his wife in woods at the eastern end of Longridge Fell. Extensive searches of the Kemple End / Chaigley Wood areas were brought to a halt when the person was located, safe, miles away near the Nick of Pendle. Team stood down at 19:10 hrs with 25 Team members and one SARDA (England) search dog and handler from the Cave Rescue Organisation present. Support from Lancashire Police helicopter & catering unit. Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service Urban Search Unit also in attendance. Other search dog units from the Lakes & Peaks stood down responding. (90 Rescue Person Hours)

21st October Team again held a Flag Day & Street Collection in Lancaster.
The Team would like to thank the people of Lancaster for their continued support.

8th October Spot-Pick Up 14:23 Pendle Hill Team requested to attend person collapsed with possible cardiac arrest. As this is not our area Lancashire Police requested to contact Rossendale Pendle Team. Due to the urgency of this call Team Leader also contacted Rosendale Team Leader direct to give advanced warning.

4th October Standby Search 08:30 Hrs Rossendale area. Team Leader contacted directly by Team Leader of Rossendale Pendle Team. They had the possibility of two missing persons searches at the same time in their area.
Request was for Bowland Pennine to take the second of the incidents if required. Team paged to standby with 15 persons and vehicles ready to travel to East Lancashire. Team stood down at 12:00 hrs as not required.

41. 25th September Search 13:52 hrs - White Coppice, Chorley. Team notified of a missing vulnerable male, aged 70 years, who had become separated from a local Council led group of walkers who had walked to Great Hill and back. Investigations indicated that the person was very fit and may have been heading along The Goyt  towards Brinscall & Withnell, with a possibility of also walking the disused railway line heading towards Abbey Village.  First arriving Team members quickly dispatched to follow The Goyt northwards into Brinscall Woods (Wheelton Plantation), across Anglezarke Moor by the main path to Great Hill and southwards along the Goyt just in case. Team stood down with 25 persons at RV or on way when person was located safe and well near the Dresser's Arms Public Hours on the A674 at 15:20 hrs.  Extensive Lancashire police resources involved including 20+ officers, patrol cars checking all the roads and a search of open moor land by the Police helicopter.  (50 Rescue person Hours).

40. 24th September Safety Cover 09.30 - 16.00 hrs Helwith Bridge, Yorkshire Dales. The Team provided safety cover for the 45th running  3 Peaks Cyclo Cross race starting at Helwith Bridge in North Yorkshire and taking in the summits of Ingleborough, Whernside & Pen-y-Ghent. Straight from incident 51 to the Dales for some of the Team.  No major hill incidents to report despite the poor visibility early on in the race and over 400 competitors this year. At the finish the usual number of walking wounded with deep cuts to knees & legs, a possible broken shoulder, a hand injury and a badly lacerated elbow. The Team also administered First Aid  to a number of spectators watching the race. All advised to attend hospital for x-rays etc where appropriate.  (180 Rescue Person hours).

39. 23rd September  Search 23:49 hrs Aughton near Ormskirk. Team requested by Lancashire Police to urgently search for a female, aged 86, missing from a local nursing home. Person had only been in residence a few days and was confused by new surroundings. Missing since approximately 20:00 hrs. Lancashire's Police helicopter was unavailable, so the one from Merseyside had flown over the area but no heat sources located. Team deployed by foot from the grounds of the nursing home on to roads and then into fields where the person may have travelled unhindered. Police support units also deployed on foot but kept to the road. Person located by two police officers safe but 50 metres into a coppice of bushes , thickets & briars within 200 metres of the rest home. She had fallen into a 2 metre deep drainage ditch. Team quickly arrived on scene and rescued the female from the ditch to the road. She appeared to be OK but was dispatched in an ambulance to hospital for a check up. Team stood down at 03:10 hrs just as a light drizzle of rain was starting to fall and temperatures dropping. Two SARDA search dogs from the Cave Rescue Organisation in Yorkshire also in attendance.  (40 Rescue Person Hours)

38. 17th September Safety Cover 08.00 - 16.30 hrs Dunsop Bridge, Forest of Bowland The Team again provided safety cover for the 3rd British Heart Foundation 'Heart of England' sponsored walk.  One incident to report: Spot Pickup 12:10 hrs Whitendale Valley  A female, aged 65, tripped and sustained an ankle injury and was unable to walk. Location of the incident was in the Whitendale Valley just where the track starts up to meet the Salter Fell track (also known as the Hornby Road). Team requested helicopter support but none was available. Team evacuated person, up hill, some 500m to waiting Team Landrover for transport from the fell. Interestingly, our mountain bike search unit was incorporating a training exercise within the event and were able to arrive quickly at the casualty site from the Brennand area to assist with the carry off. (10 Rescue Person hours).

37. 14th September Search  16.00 hrs Aira Force, Patterdale, Lake District A Team member who was on holiday in the Lakes joined Patterdale MRT in the search for a missing vulnerable 24 year old male. Missing  in the Aira Force area.  The person was found safe and well by a member of the public and reunited with relatives. (2 rescue Person hours)

36. 2nd September Search 08:27 hrs Borwick near Carnforth. Team was paged by Lancashire Police FIM to search for a missing 42 yrs old male from the Borwick area of Lancaster. Reported as suffering depression and mental health issues who had run off from home at about 06:40hrs.Due to appalling weather conditions the Police helicopter was not available. Following a briefing and as the Team was about to deploy initial search parties plus our mountain bike unit the Police received a report of a distressed person on the outskirts of Carnforth. Team continued operations until it was confirmed that this was indeed the missing person and we stood down. (35 Rescue Person Hours)

30th August Today the Tour of Britain Cycle Race passed through the Trough of Bowland past our Headquarters at Smelt Mill.

35. 21st August Search 20:45 hrs Worden Park, Leyland. The Team was asked to search for a missing 23-year-old male, reported as suicidal. Team requested to search Worden Park and surrounding open land. As the Team where about to deploy the first search parties from the RV at Runshaw College news came that the person had been located and we stood down at 22:05 hrs. 23 Team members in attendance with two SARDA search dogs and handlers on the way from the Cave Rescue Organisation in the Dales. Support from Lancashire Police helicopter as well. (25 Rescue Person Hours)

19th August Team again held a Flag Day & Street Collection in Leyland. Thanks to the members of the Leyland public for their continued support. Also, today,  the Team was present at the British Aerospace Open Day at Samlesbury with a Landrover and display of Team equipment. Walking safety leaflets were distributed to the thousands of visitors. 

10th August  The Duke of Westminster was present at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland where he officially opened the new Northern Extension. We would like to thank His Grace for his continued support for the Team.

34. 5th August Safety Cover Borrowdale Fell Race, Keswick, Cumbria The Team again provided safety cover for this event in the Lake District. One fell incident to report this year - a competitor sustained a head injury in the later part of the race. This was bandaged by Team members and the person completed the race. On the field a further 10 competitors presented themselves at the Teams First Aid station and were dealt with for the usual minor scrapes and bumps. The Team also attended a person who had fallen out of an electric scooter into a ditch at the side of the road.  (180 Rescue Person Hours)

33. 4th August Spot Pick Up 13:42 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Stocks, Bowland. Team paged with a request from Lancashire Ambulance Service to assist an injured walker located north of Stocks Reservoir.  The Team stood down at 14:26 hrs with vehicles and personnel mobile when it was determined that the North West Air Ambulance had been able to reach the casualty and completed the evacuation. (25 Rescue Person Hours)

1st August Search Standby 11:08 hrs Astley Park, Chorley. Lancashire Police contacted Team Incident Controllers with a request for the Team to be placed on "standby".  An elderly female (70+) had been seen by a postman walking near the Astley Park area of Chorley, no coat and very wet (raining hard at the time).  When approached to make sure she was ok, she blanked the postman and disappeared into the park. Plans made for a search of the park whilst Police enquires made. Team stood down at 13:30 hrs when no report of missing person received and Police enquires came to nought.

29th July  The Team again held a Flag Day & Street Collection in Preston. Thanks to the members of the public who generously supported us.

32. 25th July Search 18:53 hrs Hest Bank near Carnforth. Team requested by Lancashire Police to search for a missing male, aged 86, described as vulnerable and suffering from Alzheimer's.  Last seen at approx. 15:00 hrs and reported to police at 17:30 hrs. Teams Incident Control Unit dispatched and preparations made to deploy Team members along the canal from Lancaster.  However just as the full Team page was about to be made information was received from the incident POLSA (Police Search Advisor) that, thankfully, the gentleman had turned up safe.  (1 Rescue Person hour)

22nd July Team attended an Emergency Services Display at Morecambe Fire Station and gave a demonstration of our crag rescue skills from the tower.

31. 21st July Body Recovery 18:54 Hrs Aughton near Ormskirk. Team requested by Lancashire Police to recover the body of a 21 year old male from a difficult location in woods near Aughton, Ormskirk. Task completed. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

30.17th July  Search 18:52 hrs Fiendsdale Head, Trough of Bowland. Team Leader contacted directly by a Team member concerning a group of Duke of Edinburgh Award participants overdue in the Bleasdale area of the Trough of Bowland. Report was from a teacher who was seeking advice on what to do. Informant  was located at Wadecar Scout Camp. By an amazing coincidence Team Leader was only 2 minutes away from the campsite. Within 5 minutes it was determined that the missing party consisted of 4 teenage girls, one with special needs, and an adult carer (who had no fell experience or hill skills of any note). They had been last seen at 13:30 hrs at Langden Castle and were due to meet with their Teachers again at 16:00 hrs at Hazlehurst Farm  and had not appeared. Their route was then to continue from Hazlehurst and camp overnight at Wadecar. There was concern due to the very hot weather and a lack of water that the party had. Lancashire Police (Force Incident manager) contacted and a request made for their Air Support Unit to contact the Team Leader to discuss options. Team paged and informed to RV at Wadecar. Six Team members tasked to walk the route from Langden Castle. It was at this time mobile phone contact was made with the party. They were all OK.  The missing party was able to describe where they were and from the Teams local knowledge of the area we were able to determine they were at Fiendsdale Head - still on route but walking very, very slowly  at a rate of less than1 kilometre per hour. They were asked to stay put and the Team would come and get them. Team fell parties made contact with the group and walked them off to Hazlehurst. One who was walking very slowly was carried on a stretcher the last half mile. Lancashire Police Air Support Unit remained on standby to backup the operation but not required. (80 Rescue Person hour)

29. 16th July  Search 23:23 hrs Bamber Bridge. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with a request to search for two missing females aged 86 & 75. Missing from a local nursing home & reported as suffering from dementia. Last seen at 20:00 hrs and reported as missing at 21:00 hrs. Police investigations indicated that one of the women had been a keen walker and may be able to travel some distance.  But, as there was no clear route or other identified search area it was decided that a search of the nursing home grounds and surrounding open land was required (following the strategy that if you don't know where to look start close to the place last seen). Just as the Team was about to deploy the ladies were located in a distressed state , but safe - inside a locked lift still within the nursing home! The Team stood down at 02:00 hrs.  (75 Rescue Person hour)

28. 15th July Spot Pick Up 11:59 hrs - Anglezarke, West Pennine Moors. Team requested to assist in walking off a person from the moors near Lead Mines Clough. Air Ambulance had lifted off the injured persons companion and an escort was all that was required. Team stood  down when it was ascertained that the person had been evacuated in a private 4 x 4.   (20 Rescue Person hours)

15th July  The Team held a Flag Day & Street Collection in Clitheroe. Thanks to the members of the Clitheroe public who generously donated.

27. 14th July  Search 08:31 hrs Preston. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with a request to search for a missing 8 year old in the Fishwick area of Preston, Reported as "missing overnight".  Team concentrated search on the open ground and  banks  of the  River Ribble between the London Road Bridge & the Brockholes Bridge,  Fishwick Bottoms including the golf course, Brockholes Wood and Quarry. This allowed Police Officers to concentrate on door-to-door enquires and other investigations. Boy was located at 12:30 hrs in Preston City Centre well away from identified search areas. Extensive assets used in the search including Police Air Support, Mounted & catering units. Also, 5 SARDA search dogs responding from Kendal MRT, Cave Rescue Organisation & the Peak District  when the search concluded.  (130 Rescue Person hour)

12th July Spot Pick-Up 15:29 hrs Colne Area The Team was paged by Lancashire Police at the request of Lancashire Ambulance Service with an incident that turned out to be at  Bull Rock near Colne (and not Bull Stones which is in our area!).  As this was not in the Team's normal area of operation. Lancashire Police were requested to contact our neighbouring Team, Rossendale & Pendle MRT. (0.25 Rescue Person hours)

26. 10th July Spot Pick Up 19:20 hrs - Grindleton near Clitheroe. Team paged by Lancashire Police with request  from Lancashire Ambulance Service to attend an injured walker in Grindleton.  Reported injuries were broken ankle and  fallen in river at Grindelton with difficult access. Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service had also been called and subsequently dealt with the incident.  The Team stood down at 19:57 hrs with two Team members on scene, three Team vehicles mobile and over twenty persons responding.  (25  Rescue person hours)

25. 26th June  Search 00:19 hrs Garstang. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with a request to search for a passenger who had left the scene of a road traffic incident in the Ray Lane / Dimples Lane area south of Garstang. Request was to search fields and canal area around the incident scene for the person who was thought to be seriously injured following the car crash, one person unfortunately deceased in the incident. Person located some hours later at home in Garstang and Team stood down at 05:00 hrs. Police Air Support Unit & catering support also in attendance. (75 Rescue Person hour)

17th June The Team again held a Flag Day & Street Collection in Chorley. Thanks to the members of the public who supported us again.

11th June Spot Pick Up 16:57 hrs - Waddow Hall, Clitheroe. Team paged by Lancashire Police with request  from Lancashire Ambulance Service to attend an injured walker at Waddow Hall. Team was ready to deploy immediately from our Penwortham vehicle base as we were just putting the vehicles to bed after the week long safety cover for the Bowland Festival. However, Team was stood down soon after as the North West Air Ambulance was able to access the casualty and deal with the incident.   (0.5 Rescue person hours)

24. 6th June Spot Pick Up 15:39 hrs - Anglezarke Quarry, West Pennine Moors. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with report from Lancashire Ambulance Service of a climber fallen in Anglezarke Quarry. Injuries reported as a broken ankle. Team attended and evacuated casualty to waiting ambulance. NWAA in attendance again but not used. (24 Rescue person hours)

23. 6th June First Aid / Assistance 10:50 hrs - Dunsop Bridge, Trough of Bowland. Whilst providing safety cover for the Bowland Festival and at the request of Lancashire Ambulance the Team attended to a person (not involved on Bowland Festival events) with a dislocated ankle in the river at Dunsop Bridge. Patient handed over to land ambulance crew. North West Air Ambulance in attendance. Team members assisted with the load of the casualty onto then aircraft. The casualty then flown to Royal Preston Hospital. (1 Rescue person hours)

2nd June - 11th June Safety Cover 08.00 - 17.00 hrs Forest of Bowland For the fourth year the Team provided rescue safety cover for hundreds of walkers and birdwatchers enjoying the Bowland Festival, RSPB moorland safaris & walks. Excellent weather and the Brewery visit was (again) enjoyed by all. The Team also gave a number of Mountain Rescue demonstrations of our skills to the public from our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland.  No incidents to report but excellent weather all week.(Over 9 days this year: Over 250 Rescue Person hours)

22. 2nd June First Aid / Assistance 12:00 hrs - Beacon Fell Country Park, Forest of Bowland. Whilst providing safety cover for the Bowland Challenge the Team dealt with a female  who had fallen from a moped sustaining a head injury. Team administered First Aid and contacted Lancashire Ambulance Service. North West Air Ambulance in attendance but not used.  Patient handed over to land Ambulance crew.  (1 Rescue person hours)

2nd  June The Team organised and provided safety cover for the inaugural Bowland Challenge event as part of this years Bowland Festival. This is a new team navigation event based in the Trough of Bowland. The event was a great success with glorious weather  and we look forward to seeing all this years competitors and many more next year.

21. 27th May Search 08:00 hrs - Langdale, Cumbria. The Team travelled to Cumbria to assist Langdale Ambleside MRT in the ongoing search for a missing male. Missing now for over six days. Team completed allotted tasks but nothing found. (70 Rescue person hours)

Unfortunately, on the 7th June the body of a man, believed to be the missing person,  was found in a gully on St.Sunday Crag.

20. 24th May Search 16:50 hrs Rivington. Team Controllers contacted directly by Bolton MRT's Deputy Team leader concerning a missing male in the Rivington / Anglezarke Reservoir area.   26 Team members responded to the RV at Knowle House. However, the Team was stood down shortly after arrival when a body was located in the water by members of Bolton Team. (26 Rescue Person hour) 

19. 22nd May Search 12:11 hrs Sherwood Area, Fulwood, Preston   The Team requested to search for a missing female, aged 42, missing from Royal Preston Hospital and described as vulnerable. 25 Team members responded in poor weather with torrential rain.  Large areas of woodland, fields and stream beds searched in the Fulwood and Sherwood area between the Hospital and the missing persons home near the ASDA superstore. Also, a large Police presence and assisted by the Police Air Support Unit helicopter. The Team deployed it's trainee trailing search dog and handler for the first time. The person was located safe & well by Police officers a short distance from the hospital.  (125 Rescue Person hours)

21st May Spot Pick-Up 21:16 hrs Kelbrook Moor, Earby The Team was paged by Lancashire Police with a report of 4 walkers, one with a broken leg in the Earby area . There was some initial confusion as to the exact location and whether this call out was for us, Cave Rescue or our neighbouring Team Rossendale & Pendle. On contacting Lancashire Ambulance Service it was soon realised that this was not in the Team's normal area of operation. Lancashire Police were requested to contact our neighbouring Team, Rossendale & Pendle MRT. (0.25 Rescue Person hours)

14th May As part of Garstang Walking Weekend Team members provided fell safety cover for a group of walkers from Calderbank Country Lodge Hotel out on the nearby Bowland Fells. Our SARDA Dog Teams gave a demonstration of their skills in then afternoon.

18. 11th May Search 01:07 hrs Ashley, South Manchester The Teams SADRA Dog unit was called to assist Bolton MRT in the search for a missing male.

Unfortunately, the body of a man was discovered by members of Bolton MRT.

17. 1st May Spot Pick-Up 13:48 hrs Longridge Fell The Team Leader was contacted direct by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager with a request from Lancashire Ambulance Service to assist a woman who had fallen and broken an ankle / leg. The location of the woman was on a track deep within the extensive forest woodland on Longridge Fell. The North West Air Ambulance had been able to land in a field close to the main track entrance to the forest but some distance from the casualty. A Team member who was first on-scene was able to access the fell and transport paramedics to the casualty. Note - we were able to use our local knowledge of the area and it helps to know the padlock combinations on the track gates! The casualty was quickly transported to the road head and loaded into the helicopter by Team members for the onward flight to Royal Preston Hospital. (20 Rescue Person hours)

1st May Search 01:07 hrs Abbey Village, Darwen Area The Team was paged by Lancashire Constabulary with a request to search for a missing male, absconded from Lancashire Ambulance near Abbey Village and described as vulnerable. On contacting the Force Incident Manager it was established that the initial task was to search paths from Abbey Village to the missing persons home in Darwen. As this area is wholly in our neighbouring Teams area, Bolton MRT, it was suggested that they dealt with the incident. In the end the man turned up at home and neither Team deployed. (0.50 Rescue Person hours)

16. 30th April Spot Pick-Up 13:01 hrs Grindleton The Team was paged by Lancashire Police, to assist in the rescue of a person who had fallen from a horse in the Grindleton area. As the Team was responding we were informed that the North West Air Ambulance had dealt with the incident. Team stood down with two Landrovers mobile & 15 Team members responding. (15 Rescue Person hours)

14th April Spot Pick-Up 15:40 hrs Pendle Hill The Team was paged by Lancashire Police to assist in the rescue of an injured child. On contacting Lancashire Police it was soon realised that this was not in the Team's normal area of operation and the call was passed to our neighbouring Team, Rossendale Pendle MRT. (0.25 Rescue Person hours)

15. 8th April Spot Pick-Up 11.30 hrs Charnock Richard Whilst at our Penwortham vehicle base Team members carrying out routine maintenance became aware of an incident in the Charnock Richard area. Land Ambulances and the North West Air Ambulance had deployed to a male apparently suffering a heart attack in woods. On contacting Lancashire Ambulance service it was established that access was difficult so a Landrover and crew was dispatched to assist. However, we stood down when it was confirmed that the incident had been dealt with by the paramedics on scene. (1 Rescue Person hours)

14. 7th April Spot Pick-Up 15:18 hrs Brennand Valley, Dunsop Bridge. Team paged to assist Lancashire Ambulance Service to what was believed to be a mountain biker having fallen from his bike in the Brennand Valley area. Our colleagues from the North West Air Ambulance, Helimed 08, were also in attendance and had been directed to a point at the top of a gully (Hind Clough / Ouster Rake) between Whins Brow and Whin Fell. As they had flown into the cas site they immediately saw the need for mountain rescue and the Team was paged accordingly. 

Whilst awaiting arrival of the Team, Helimed 08 was able to land on the fell top approx. 200m from the injured biker and an ambulance paramedic made the climb and traverse down to casualty.

To everyone's later amazement he was still alive though very much the worse for wear, with a suspected wrist fracture, broken nose, facial lacerations and all the attendant knocks, bangs and contusions associated with an accelerated fall of around twenty feet into a rock filled gully. His cycling helmet was smashed to bits but had done it's job - a lesson for others perhaps.

From the initial observations of the Air Ambulance crew, a decision was taken that evacuation by winch capable RAF Sea King helicopter would prove beneficial. At the request of the Team via the Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre (ARCC) at RAF Kinloss in Scotland, a Sea King was
dispatched from RAF Valley on Anglesey, North Wales to assist.

Due to the remote nature of the  Brennand Valley and the cas site, a communications link back to Ambulance Control, the Police & RAF Kinloss  was established on Longridge Fell with both multi-channel radio and mobile phone. This proved invaluable.

The Air Ambulance provided shuttle transport to the cas site from Brennand Farm for Team personnel and kit, the newer larger aircraft providing an absolutely essential resource for rapid Team deployment, and the first time it has been used in this role with a mountain rescue team. It was also able to give the attending cas-site manager a 'birds eye' view of the situation and a heads up on what the major evacuation and recovery issues were likely to be. After three shuttle trips all required personnel and kit were deployed at the cas site.  Helimed 08 shut down on-scene due to fuel considerations.

A multi-point belay system was put in above the incident for safety and specialist medical kit was deployed to the casualty. Right on cue Rescue 122 arrived from Valley and after a brief fly-by also landed on scene.

The RAF winch operator then attended the cas site and agreed the air evacuation plan with the Team's cas site manager. The casualty was packaged into a Stokes Litter stretcher from Rescue 122 and then winched from the cas site into the aircraft. Team members providing a "high line" to stop the winch man and stretcher spinning on it's ascent. The onward journey to Royal Preston Hospital taking about 8 minutes.

Air Ambulance paramedic belayed to safety. The  Air Ambulance crew  then very kindly offered to return all our equipment to the valley floor, thus saving us the need to cart it all off the fell - nice one!  (40 Rescue Person Hours)

13. 26th   March Search 15:10 hrs Rivington. Team Leader contacted directly by Bolton MRT Team Leader concerning a missing male in the Rivington area. Potentially a large area would need to be searched both around the Rivington area and on Anglezarke Moor as the missing person was an experienced walker. Team paged to standby pending Bolton MRT incident controllers obtaining more details. At 16:04 hrs the Team was paged to Call Out and responded to Rivington. However, the Team was stood down shortly after when the missing person was located close to the Rivington RV point. (20 Rescue Person hour)  

25th March Safety Cover 08.00 - 14.30 hrs Fiendsdale, Trough of Bowland. The Team once again provided safety cover for the Fiendsdale Fell Race. No incidents to report (60 Rescue Person hours)

12. 22nd  March Search 19:25 Hrs Ormskirk. Team Leader again contacted direct by Lancashire Police. They had a report of a vulnerable female patient, aged 50, missing from Ormskirk General Hospital. Police helicopter already searching water courses in the area as there was the possibility the missing person may self harm near a water course. We were requested to search an extensive area of woods & farmland around the hospital. On arrival at Ormskirk Police station we were greeted the news that the missing person had just been located by the sea in Southport, safe, having apparently taken a taxi from the hospital.  SARDA Dog Team from Bolton MRT also responded. (30 Rescue Person hour)

11. 13th  March Spot Pick-Up 22:10 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Forest of Bowland. Team Leader contacted directly by Lancashire Police. They had received a mobile phone call from 3 persons (2 males & a female) "lost" in Gisburn Forest. They were reported as tired and cold but located at Martin's Laithe Shelter. They were told to stay put.  Team leader was able to pin point location of the shelter (which is driveable via forest tracks) and an RV at Tosside on the Yorkshire boarder arranged. Request made for the Police helicopter to fly over the area to confirm location of persons but due to icy & snowy weather conditions ON99 was unable to reach the area.  Team paged to standby with two Landrovers & 4 persons dispatched to the RV. Radio links established on Waddington Fell & Control vehicle readied just in case the initial tactic (to simply drive in and pick them up) failed and a full Team callout was required. Note that this is a massive area and the last time we searched here it took 2 days with 4 MRT's just to search the tracks and paths). After negotiating iced and snowed tracks in the forest the three persons were located at approx, 01:00 hrs. cold but safe. Hot drinks, food & dry clothing plus a short drive in warm Landrover being all that was required. (30 Rescue Person hour)

10th March Team members attended The Calderbank Country Lodge Hotel at Oakenclough who hosted a fund raising  folk night on our behalf. Thanks to all concerned for supporting the Team in this way.

8th March Spot Pick-Up 12.57 hrs Sabden, Pendle Hill The Team was paged by Lancashire Constabulary, to assist in the rescue of a person suffering chest pains in the Sabden area. As this is not in the Team's normal area of operation the call was passed to our neighbouring Team, Rossendale Pendle MRT, immediately who dealt with the incident.  (0.25 Rescue Person hours)

10. 5th March Advice to walker on hill 16:55 Hrs Mallowdale Pike, Trough of Bowland.  Team paged by Lancashire Police with a request from a walker (and one other) apparently lost in the Mallowdale Pike area north of Ward's Stone trying to return to their car at Caton with concerns that it was getting dark.  Team Controller able to give advice by mobile phone as to direction to take. Another Team member, who lives 15 minutes away from area, dispatched and picked them up in the Littledale area then transported them to their vehicle at Caton.(1 rescue Person hour)

9. 3rd March Bad Weather Cover 18:00 Hrs All of Team Area   Further to events of the afternoon, Team requested to remain on standby by Lancashire Ambulance Service for cover to outlying regions. One vehicle deployed to Team members home address for tasking to Trough of Bowland, Longridge, Chipping, Clitheroe and areas north of Preston. One vehicle deployed to Team members house in Penwortham to cover areas south of Preston. During the evening northern based vehicle tasked to attend report of male unconscious at the Inn-in-Whitewell in support of  ambulance from Clitheroe. Ambulance was able to reach casualty and Team Landrover stood down responding. No further incidents to report and Team stood down 4th March 12:00 hrs.

8. 3rd March Major Incident / RTC / Spot Pick Up 12.56 Beacon Fell, Trough of Bowland. Team paged by Lancashire Police with a request from Lancashire Ambulance Service to assist with a multi vehicle RTC on perimeter road of Beacon Fell. Ambulance service unable to reach incident due to road conditions & prevailing weather.  Team vehicles on route received an update from first Team members on scene that there were no immediate medical emergencies, but that there were numerous RTC's / trapped persons / crashed vehicles on the fell road including two Lancashire ambulances, three police vehicles, a minibus full of children plus a ranger service vehicle. Two of the vehicle RTC persons were unable to walk, one an MS patient and one confined to a wheelchair, who would both need stretcher evacuation. All had been caught out by a sudden and unexpected deterioration in the weather with heavy snow falling onto already frozen roads with further snow forecast and temperatures expected to dip as low as minus six degrees. Team members attended with control established at North Nook Lane. A timetable of the main events was as follows: 

14:00hrs: One fell party to the visitor centre to assist 12 students, 2 teachers & 3 centre staff. Fell parties tasked  to complete clockwise and anti clockwise hasty searches of the fell road. Radio link established at Carwags Lane junction for communication purposes. 

14:10hrs: At Team request Green Man pub at Inglewhite opened as evacuee reception centre and collection point.

15:20hrs: One stretcher case and one carer recovered, evacuated and transported home by BPMRT member in personal 4 x 4 .

15:27hrs: Other stretcher case and carer recovered, evacuated and transported to reception centre.

16:12hrs: Once police were able to bring a personnel carrier to Crumbleholme Road, 2 members of the public, 12 students, 2 teachers and 3 Visitor Centre staff walked off fell / transported by Team vehicles to the waiting transport and then onward to the reception centre at the Green Man

Just as we believed the whole incident was coming to a close there was a further request from Lancashire Police to search for a male missing from a vehicle that had been trapped on the fell road. The male was known to have left his vehicle and walked onto the fell to get mobile phone reception. Search of all roads and car parks undertaken but just on completion of this task, word from the  Police was received that the man and vehicle had been recovered from the fell by a local farmer and tractor.

While these events were taking place on Beacon Fell the Team was requested by Lancs Ambulance to go to assistance of a 24 year old lady who was 25 weeks pregnant, her sister and two children who had been involved in an RTC near Bleasdale village. Team Landrover was re-configured for patient transport and despatched to this ladies assistance, she was recovered as "walking wounded'  with minor injuries to her arm and knee, and transported to the reception centre for onward transport by 16:50hrs

17:00hrs: Team stood down. (80 Rescue Person Hours)

Both, Lancashire Police Helicopter & The North West Air Ambulance were in attendance early on during the incident but departed to avoid becoming snow bound.

7. 11th  February Search  09:00  hrs - Gilpin Bridge, Levens. Team joined Kendal & Duddon Furness Team's in the continuing search for the missing 22 year old male. SARDA dog handlers, Auxiliary Coastguard & RNLI inshore craft also joining the search. Operation suspended after an extensive area around Levens Village and the Lith Valley south to the coast had been searched. Nothing found. Police enquires continue. (60 Rescue Person Hours)

11th February. Also, today the Team attended a Girl Guiding UK Community Action Day at Penwortham High School (opposite our vehicle base)  providing a static display of the Team's activities. Safety information and advice on activities in the outdoors was also given to over 400 young persons & leaders attending the event. (Note that one of the aims of the Team is to promote safety when out walking and climbing )

10th February Request for assistance 17:50 hrs - Gilpin Bridge, Levens.  Team Leader contacted direct by Incident Controller from Kendal Mountain Search & Rescue Team to assist in the ongoing search for a missing 22 year old male in the Gilpin Bridge / Levens area south of Kendal. Lancashire Police informed and preparations made for an early start up to the southern Lake District made. (1 Rescue Person Hour) 

6. 9th February Search 03:21 hrs - Preston. The Team paged by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager to assist in the search  for a 69 year old male in the Preston area. Person had been reported missing at 22:00 hrs, having last been seen near his home in Avenham at about 13:00 hrs. Reported as a wheel chair user unable to walk any great distance. Team tasked with searching Avenham & Millar Parks.   Mountain rescue phase of the search suspended at 07:30 hrs with search of the parks completed and no further tasks identified. Teams SARDA dog (and handler) also assisting in the search.   (40 Rescue Person hours).

Post script: Person located safe & well in Lytham later in the day.

7th February  85 Team members, former Team members & friends met at the New Drop Inn , Longridge for our annual Chris Mayo Lecture. Chris was a former Team doctor who was tragically killed in a climbing accident in the Cairngorms some years ago. This years lecturer was Mark McDermott who gave an account of his motivations & personal feelings during the third British ascent of Everest without oxygen that he made in 2001. Mark is an old school friend of our Chairman and we thank him for a very entertaining lecture and continued support of the Team.

5. 3rd February Search 16:37 hrs - Garstang. The Team was called to search for a 52 year old male in the Garstang area. Person had been reported missing earlier in the day and with nightfall approaching it had been decided by Lancashire Police to step up the search.  However,  as the Team was deploying the missing person turned up safe and well. One SARDA search dog from the Cave Rescue Organisation was also available. (30 Rescue Person hours).

4. 31st January Search 10:20 hrs - White Coppice, Chorley. A joint request was made to Bolton MRT and ourselves by Lancashire Police to search for a missing 22 year old male. Described as a keen fell runner.  Missing since approx. 02:00 hrs,  his apparent route was from his house in Chorley to White Coppice , on to Great Hill, along Spitlers Edge to Horden Stoops , over Winter Hill to the gardens at Rivington and back home to Chorley via the Anglezarke reservoir complex. BPMRT tasked to search from White Coppice to Horden Stoops and the moors in between, BMRT concentrating on Winter Hill & the Rivington area. The call was called off at 16:40 hrs when a positive sighting of the person was made in Blackburn. Police helicopter, horse ,catering & support unit also deployed. SARDA dog from Bolton MRT also used. (110 Rescue person Hours).

3. 29th  January Spot Pick Up 13:32 hrs - White Coppice, Chorley. The Team was contacted by Lancashire Police with a request to assist Lancashire Ambulance Service. A woman had fallen with a suspected broken ankle at White Coppice. We were informed that the North West Air Ambulance had responded to this incident as well but had landed some distance from the casualty. Team immediately dispatched Landrovers from our Penworthham vehicle base & our headquarters at Smelt Mill in the Trough of Bowland.  However, on arrival at White Coppice Bolton MRT who had also responded had arrived before us and we stood down on scene. (20 Rescue Person Hours)

28th January Training Exercise 08:30 - 17:00 Hrs Trough of Bowland. The Team hosted a major Training Exercise in the Tarnbrook area of the Trough of Bowland.  The "story" was 12 persons had become lost whilst on a charity walk - a not unrealistic scenario with the increase of this type of activity in Bowland.  Incident Control was run from our Smelt Mill Headquarters. Over 100 persons involved in this successful day, with all exercise casualties being found,  this tested the inter working of a number of agencies. Mountain Rescue Teams involved included Kendal & Holme Valley plus ourselves with smaller contingents from Calder Valley, Rossendale Pendle & Bolton. SARDA dog handlers from Kendal, Cave Rescue & ourselves also present. Lancashire Police provided a Support Unit, POLSA (Search Advisors) and other observers. Lancashire Fire & Rescue represented by members from their Rope Access Team.  North West Air Ambulance (Helimed 8)  & Lancashire Police Air Support Unit (Oscar November 99) provided support. 

2. cont 22nd January Search 07.30 hrs - Yarrow Valley Country Park, Chorley. A continuation of incident 3. The Team prepared to continue the search for the missing female. Extra resources in the shape of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team joining the search.  Members of SARDA who had been in the Lake District on their annual training assessment also joined the search.  The search continued for most of the day and was concluded when a member of the public, who had located the woman in Southport, returned the woman to her home safe. Police Support Unit, horse and catering support as well as Police helicopter, ON99 also in attendance (135 Rescue person Hours)

2. 21st  January Search 22.22 hrs - Yarrow Valley Country Park, Chorley. The Team was called to search for a 72 year old female missing since mid afternoon in Chorley.  The Team searched through the night concentrating on the open countryside area of the Yarrow Valley Country Park.  Police units concentrated on the urban areas between the Place Last Seen (PLS) and the persons home. Team also searched an area of woodland close to the persons home and a series of ponds in the Eccelston area. At 04:30 hrs the search was suspended until first light. (100 Rescue person hours)  

3rd January Search 23:53 hrs - Blackpool. The Team was called to assist in the search for a patient missing from Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Reported as an elderly female suffering from dementia. Missing since 22:30 hrs and suspected as having left the hospital.  As details were being gathered and our incident control vehicle prepared to deploy the person was located safe and well still on a ward within the hospital .  (0.5 Rescue person hours)

1.  2nd January 2006  Search 15:10 hrs Parlick Pike, Forest of Bowland. Team contacted by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager concerning a missing 14 year old youth, Missing on open fell in the Parlick / Fair Snape Fell area. He had set off to climb Fair Snape from Fell Foot with his parents and had gone on ahead. Mist had descended to about 5m visibility and his parents could not locate him. Reported as having very little kit but had done the route before. It was anticipated that he would continue onto Fair Snape. Team deployed using various searching tactics & vehicles onto Parlick, Fair Snape, Fiendsdale Head & farmland surrounding Bleasdale & Saddle Fell. Due to continuing bad weather conditions, which were predicated to get worse though the night & the onset of darkness,  Rossendale Pendle MRT called in to back up the operation. SARDA search dogs from Cave Rescue, Upper Wharfedale & Calder Valley Teams as well as our own search dog unit also called. Search called off when the youth was located safe and well on the main A6 road making his way home. Lancashire Police helicopter, ON99,  also in support searched area around Bleasdale but was unable to reach the open moor tops due to the poor visibility. (140 Rescue Person Hours)