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 2011 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales

'S' Numbers indicate a Standby  and 'D' indicates our SARDA Dog Unit only was used. 

S12 & S13. 27th December Standby Searches 17:36 Hrs Bowland.  Team Incident Controllers contacted with two search incidents in the Bowland area. The first (priority) incident was a report of a16-year-old female missing in the Dunsop Bridge area having apparently left home and run off into woods and farmland. As a full Team page was about to be sent for all Team members and vehicles to RV at our Smelt Mill Headquarters at Dunsop Bridge the good news was received that the girl has been located. safe. The second incident was of a mountain biker lost in Gisburn Forest, only just reported. Police were advised on access into Gisburn Forest and preparations made should we be required. However, this second person was also located safe at 18:25 hrs. (1 Rescue Person Hours)

44. 27th December Search 08:00 Hrs Witherslack Area, South Cumbria.   Teams dogs & handlers requested to assist Kendal MSRT in the ongoing search for a missing 70 year-old male in the Witherslack area of South Cumbria. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

43. 22nd December Search 19:13 Hrs Haskayne near Ormskirk.   Team requested to join the search for a 70 year old Polish male. Described as vulnerable and not speaking any English. Visiting relatives for Christmas and had only been in the country for less than 24 hours. Missing since approx. 13:00 hrs.  The missing person is a regular visitor to this country and has a set walk that he likes to take around the village but on this occasion had not returned.  Various sightings indicated a direction of travel south along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal or the A59. Missing person described as walking briskly. Team members searched the canal towpath for about 5 Km’s in both directions from the PLS (Place Last Seen) at Downholland Cross. Teams trailing and area dogs deployed at the locations of the various sightings and assisting with the search of the canal. Two police helicopters (ON99 & DD66) also assisting with the search of a vast area of farmland.  The search was suspended at 00:30 hrs with all identified tasks so far completed and consideration being given to a first light restart.    (105 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script.  At 01:00 hrs the missing person was located some12 miles away, in a confused state but safe, at the entrance to the Wallasey Tunnel in Liverpool having apparently walked there.

42. 18th December Spot Pickup 09:15 Hrs Dunsop Bridge, Bowland.  Team received a request for assistance from the crew of the North West Air Ambulance via the NW Ambulance Service Control room in Preston. An elderly person had fallen on ice at Dunsop Bridge. With very icy conditions under foot they were having difficulty extracting the casualty to the waiting helicopter in a nearby field. However, the Team was stood down responding with two vehicles mobile and with others going direct when it was confirmed that the crew and neighbours had carried the casualty to the aircraft. (4.5 Rescue Person Hours)

41. 5th December Search 19:21 Hrs Stanley Park Area, Blackpool.   As the previous incident was coming to a successful conclusion we were requested to assist with a second incident.  A vulnerable female had been reported missing. Previous history showed that she had been missing before and had been located in the Stanley Park, Blackpool Zoo or Golf course area of Marton Mere. Team members set about searching Stanley Park with the area search dogs (Floss & Dottie) and handlers concentrating on the open ground of Marton Mere and the golf course. Trailing dog (Mij) and handler dispatched to the PLS (Place Last Seen) at the persons home to see if a direction of travel could be obtained. A number of trails were followed that appeared to indicate that the missing person was still in the area of her home but trying to avoid those trying to find her. It was decided to reduce the Police & Rescue presence in the area in an attempt to get her to come out into the open. At approx. 22:45 hrs the person was located and this allowed her to receive medical attention. Team again being assisted by dog Dottie and handler from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs.  (56 Rescue Person Hours)

40. 5th December Search 15:27 Hrs Squires Gate Area, Blackpool.   The Team was requested by Lancashire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable male, aged 45. Missing since earlier in the day when he did not arrive at work. His car located on waste ground at Blackpool Airport. Team members searching the waste ground and sand dunes on the coast nearby. The Teams area dog (Floss) and handler assisted by a dog (Dottie) and handler from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs completed searches of a nearby Golf Course and the old Pontin’s Holiday Camp. The Teams trailing dog (Mij) and handler deployed from the missing persons car and followed a number of trails. The missing person was located, safe, in a block of flats where the trailing dog Mij had indicated he had gone. During this incident we became aware of another vulnerable person missing in the area. (80 Rescue Person Hours)

39. 26th November Search 20:30 Hrs River Wyre, Hambleton.   As the previous incident was coming to a conclusion we became aware of a developing incident on the River Wyre at Hambleton. A vulnerable male had been reported missing and his car had been located at the Shard Bridge over the River Wyre. Those Team members still at our Garstang Base, including two dog handlers, were immediately dispatched along with all our vehicles. The Team was paged to reconvene at Hambleton. Working with Coastguard SAR a search of both riverbanks and adjacent fields was undertaken. The Team stood down at 02:30 Hrs having completed all identified tasks but with the person still outstanding. (120 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: The missing person was located, safe, in Manchester the following evening

38. 26th November Search 16:43 Hrs Harrisend Fell, Bowland.   Team was contacted by NWAS Control in Preston with a report from one of their ambulance crews that they had seen two “parachute flares” in the direction of the Bowland Fells from the M6 motorway at Forton. As this type of incident is usually dealt with by Lancashire Police their Force Incident Manager was immediately contacted. They had also received two reports of distress flares in the Harrisend Fell area. It was decided that a search of the area was required although there were no persons reported as missing.  Police requested to search roads for any unattended vehicles and visit local farms. Police helicopter on standby to provide support. A search dog and handler were immediately dispatched to the area supported by a 4 x 4 landrover and crew.  The rest of the Team assembled at our Garstang Vehicle & Training Base. A report of lights on Nicky Nook was received. This was investigated but turned out to be a group of mountain bikers out for a night ride. A report was then received from a farmer who had seen a “Chinese lantern” over his farm at about the time the incident was reported. Still with no one reported as missing it was decided to stand down the search at approx. 19:45 hrs. False alarm but of good intent.  (81 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: See also incident 7/2008 for an almost identical incident.

37. 16th November Search 22:38 Hrs Williamson Park, Lancaster.   Team paged by Lancashire Police with a request to assist in the search for a vulnerable 28-year-old male. Missing from Blackpool but known to visit Lancaster and possibly in the Williamson Park area. The Team undertook a search of the park area standing down just after 02:00 hrs. Two persons found sleeping rough in the park but not the missing person.    (80 Rescue Person Hours)

S11. 24th October Standby Search 13:44 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Bowland.   Team was contacted by Lancashire Ambulance Service with a report that a group of adult & child bikes had been located on a forest track. Blood on child’s bike but no persons present.  We were then informed that Yorkshire Ambulance Service had located the missing persons and Mountain Rescue was not required.  Team stood down with a number of people already responding. 

36. 15th October Spot Pickup 14:35 Hrs Trough of Bowland. Whilst undertaking a steep ground stretcher handling exercise in the Trough of Bowland the Team was approached by a member of the public with a report of a male, aged 64, who was walking off the hill with a leg injury.  Person had fallen just after leaving the ridge line and was making his way down to the road via Trough House. Team immediately dispatched a Landover with four Team members onboard followed by a second Landrover with the informant. Casualty was located very quickly and was in considerable pain. The casualty and his party were then transported by vehicle to our Smelt Mill H.Q. where they were given tea and biscuits. With the patients pain score increasing they were advised to attend hospital and get the leg looked at.   (5 Rescue Person Hours)

 Post Script: The following message received on our website guest book from the wife of the casualty:

Thanks very much to all the team who rescued my husband from the fell side after he slipped and damaged his leg on 15/10/11. They were interrupted during an exercise in the valley bottom by one of our walkers, and made easy work of bring their Landrover up the (very) rough track to pick him up and plied him with tea and sympathy at Smelt Mill whilst assessing his injuries. An x-ray at Airedale Hospital showed a fractured fibula, so he's now safely encased in plaster. Were it not for the lads, he might still be picking his way painfully down the hillside! Thanks a million for your help.”

 35.   9th October Spot Pickup 11.13 Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Team received a direct page from NW Ambulance Service to attend a male who had fallen from his mountain bike in Gisburn Forest sustaining a serious leg injury. Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) contacted and requested to provide support. Weather conditions in the forest appalling with heavy, wind swept rain and low visibility. On arrival the patient had already been treated by a land ambulance crew and extracted to a forest track. Initially, the Air Ambulance had been unable to land but a gap in the weather allowed the casualty to be flown to hospital.  (26 Rescue Person Hours)

 34. 4th October Search 19:11 Hrs Lancaster / Morecambe Area.   Team was contacted by Lancashire Police with a report of a 22-year-old vulnerable male who had gone missing from a local college. Missing since approx. 14:00 Hrs. Initially, it was unclear where the search areas would be. Team was brought to standby and requested to attend our vehicle in Garstang and Penwortham bases to ready vehicles. Team Leader and dog handlers attending directly to the college to formulate a plan. However, on arrival we were soon informed that the missing person was located, safe, some distance away. Team stood down with 5 vehicles mobile and 19 persons attending (19 Rescue Person Hours)

33. 2nd October Body Recovery 09:45 Hrs Saddle Fell, Bowland.   Late on Saturday 1st October the body of a fell walker was discovered in a peat bog on Saddle Fell.  Team was paged the following day by Lancashire Police to see if we could assist with the recovery operation. Team Leader met with senior officers from the Police and the Fire & Rescue Service at Saddle End Farm. The police helicopter was then used to transport the Team Leader and a senior fire officer to the scene and determine a plan for the recovery.  It was decide that Mountain Rescue would handle the recovery and the Team was deployed to the hill in our 4 x 4 Landrovers with other police officers arriving by helicopter.  Once the body had been removed from the peat bog the Team paused for a few moments thought & respect for a fellow hill walker.  The body was then loaded on to the Police Helicopter to be flown off the hill. The Teams thoughts and sympathies are expressed to the gentleman’s family and friends at this sad time.   (70 Rescue Person Hours)

Advice: We would ask that if you are going out on the fells on your own that you leave details of your intended route and return time. Mobile phone coverage on the Bowland Fells is patchy in places and not always reliable.

32.   28th September Spot Pickup 12:04 Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Team received a direct page from NW Ambulance Service to attend a male who had fallen from his mountain bike in Gisburn Forest sustaining a serious elbow injury. Air Ambulance not available at this time. Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) contacted and requested to provide support. They dispatched one 4 x 4 vehicle with 2 persons. On arrival the patient had already been treated by a land ambulance crew and a short, 300m carry to the waiting ambulance was required. At this point the NW Air Ambulance (Helimed 08) arrived on scene and was able to land close by.  Casualty carried by members of both teams on a mountain rescue Bell stretcher to the waiting helicopter for onward transport to hospital. (24 Rescue Person Hours)

On Sunday 25th September the Team again provided safety cover for the annual Three Peaks Cyclo Cross in the Yorkshire Dales. The 49th running of the event. With nearly 600 riders competing this was a record entry. 36 Team members plus 9 potential new members attending. The usual array of injuries being presented to our casualty care post at the finish including cuts and bruises to legs, bodies and heads. This is a tough event and starting to attract   a growing international reputation with competitors from Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Australia and the USA.  Two hill incidents to report:

31.  25th September Spot Pickup 13:30 Whernside, Yorkshire Dales. As we were escorting the competitor from incident 30 another report was received of a competitor in trouble also on Whernside but higher up on the mountain. Reported as in a survival bag (all competitors must carry this essential item of kit) and with a broken ankle. We strategically place medical Teams on the route and were able to get Team members to the casualty within 10 minutes.  Due to the nature of the injury it was decided to request an Air Ambulance via Yorkshire Ambulance Service. We also dispatched a pick up crew from Ribblehead and further personal from the summit of Whernside.  However, on arrival at the scene the Great North Air Ambulance (Helimed 58) was unable to land due to the location of the casualty and the very wet ground. A request was made for an RAF Sea King to attend the incident.  This was slightly delayed due to a need to refuel but the time wasn’t wasted as the Team carried the casualty on a Bell mountain rescue stretcher higher up to a more suitable, flat area. The casualty was winched into the Sea King (Rescue 128) by strop for the journey to Lancaster Royal Infirmary. (54 Rescue person Hours)

30.   25th September Spot Pickup 12:00 Hrs Whernside, Yorkshire Dales. As part of providing safety cover for the Three Peaks Cyclo Cross the Team received a report of a competitor with a broken collar bone / shoulder injury walking down from Whernside. Team dispatched a medical crew from Ribblehead who quickly located him and escorted him off the hill. His support crew took him to hospital in a private vehicle. (2 Rescue Person Hours)

S10. 23rd September Standby Search 23:00 Hrs Tonge Moor, Bolton.   Team search dogs and handlers requested to assist Bolton MRT in a search for a missing 6-year-old. Stood down, as they were about to deploy, as the young person had been located safe.

29. 20th September Search 21:30 Hrs Rossendale Area.   Teams trailing dog and handler requested to assist Rossendale & Pendle MRT in a search for a missing male. The dog and handler made repeated attempts to find the direction of travel of the missing person but kept coming back to the man’s home address. This indicated that the person might have left the area by car. Subsequent information received by the police confirmed that this was the case.  (3 Rescue Person Hours)

Rossendale & Pendle MRT incident 42/2011 

S9. 20th September Standby Search 09:30 Hrs Settle Area.  Team trailing dog and handler requested by the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) to be on stand by for a search in the Settle area.  . Unfortunately, the missing person was located deceased and our dog handler did not deploy. The Team extends it thoughts and sympathies to family and friends of the missing person. (3 Rescue Person Hours)

Cave Rescue Organisation Incident 62/2011

28.   18th September Spot Pickup 11:54 Hrs Trough of Bowland. Team received a page from NW Ambulance with a report of a road cyclist having fallen into a steep gully at the top of the Trough of Bowland. Team members staying at our Smelt Mill H.Q. in Trough were on scene within 5 minutes. The casualty had made his way to the roadside and amazingly had only suffered minor injuries.  He was treated by a land ambulance crew and the Team stood down with two 4 x 4 landrovers mobile and others attending directly. (10 Rescue Person Hours)

27. 12th September Search 11:15 Hrs Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.   Cheshire Search & Rescue Team requested the assistance of the Teams trailing dog and handler in the search for a missing 16-year-old male. Missing overnight. One other Team member attending to act as navigator / support.  Sadly, the missing persons body was located shortly after 17:00 hrs. Search dog and handler from the Cave Rescue Organisation (SARDA(England))  also assisting.  The Team would like to offer our thoughts and sympathies to the family of the missing person at this very sad time.  (12 Rescue Person Hours)

S8. 25th August Standby Search 17:06 Hrs Anglezarke near Chorley.  Team requested to undertake an urgent search of the Anglezarke Quarry area and surrounding moorland. A vulnerable elderly male had become separated from his wife near Anglezarke Quarry. However, as details were being obtained and a suitable RV selected the person was located, safe. A member of the public had spotted the gentleman in a confused state some distance away from the area.

26.   23rd August Spot Pickup 11:16 Hrs Nicky Nook near Garstang. Team paged with an urgent request from NW Ambulance Service. A female, aged 72, had felt unwell and due to previous medical history it was decided evacuation from the hill was required.   The North West Air Ambulance (Helimed 08) had landed some 300m away, uphill from the casualty site, as the first Team members arrived on scene.  The Team carried the lady on a Bell mountain rescue stretcher to the waiting Air Ambulance for the onward journey to the Royal Preston Hospital. (17.5 Rescue Person Hours)

25.   14th August Spot Pickup 16:41 Hrs River Ribble near Ribchester. Team received a page from NW Ambulance Service to provide back up to a land ambulance attending a female who had fallen with a suspected broken ankle/leg. The NW Air Ambulance (Helimed 08) had been unable to land near the casualty and had requested assistance from Mountain Rescue. The location of the incident was in woods on the banks of the River Ribble near Dewhurst House upstream from Ribchester. The Team carried the casualty about 1 Km along the banks of the river on a very wet & narrow, slippery path to the waiting land ambulance. 20 team members attending this incident with Rossendale & Pendle MRT also receiving this page providing two persons.

S7. 7th August Standby Search 23:51 Hrs Stanley Park, Blackpool. Team requested to provide advice and search for a missing vulnerable 70-year-old male. Reported as missing at 20:30 hrs, in a wheel chair and unable to travel very far. Possibly missing in Stanley Park. Police helicopter had searched area. After speaking with the Lancashire Police MFH Manager it was decided not to deploy the Team into Stanley Park, as available Police resources would be adequate to complete the task.  Team remained on standby should further information be received. The person was located, safe, when he made contact with his family in the early hours of the following day. He had been staying at a local hotel in central Blackpool.

24. 4th August Search 00:45 Hrs Quernmore near Lancaster.   Lancashire Police contacted the Team in the early hours following a report of a missing male whose car had been located in the Quernmore area.  This was used as the Initial Planning Point or IPP for the search operation.  On arrival and as the Team was setting up our Incident Control position the casualty was located very quickly in woods close to the IPP. The Team gave immediate medical care.  He was then quickly transported from the scene on a Bell mountain rescue stretcher and transferred to a waiting NWAS ambulance for the onward journey to Royal Lancaster Infirmary.  (20 Rescue Person Hours)

23. 2nd August Search 19:10 Hrs Duxbury Park Golf Course, Chorley. Team requested to search for a vulnerable male who had been missing for some 24 hours but his van had only just been located at the entrance to Duxbury Park Golf Club. The Team including the use of our search dogs and the police helicopter undertook an extensive search of the area. The team stood down at 01:30 hrs the following day with the person still outstanding.   (138 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script: At 06:00 hrs the missing person presented himself at Chorley Police Station.

22. 30th July Spot Pickup 18:13 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Bowland. The Team was requested by the North West Ambulance Service to attend a 46-year-old mountain biker described as “on the ground” but no other details. Reported as near Hesbert Hall within the forest. Team stood down with vehicles mobile and other persons attending direct when it was confirmed that the casualty had made his own way to the waiting NWAS land ambulance at Tosside.    (10 Rescue Person Hours)

21. 26th July Search 17:47 Hrs Bolton. Team search dog handlers plus dogs Mij (trailing dog) and Floss (air scenting area dog) requested to assist Bolton MRT with a search for a missing 80-year-old male. They stood down on route, as news came that the gentleman had been located, safe.  (2 Rescue Person Hours)

Bolton MRT Incident 48/2011

20. 17th July Search 14:04 Hrs Blackpool. Team requested to search for a missing vulnerable male. An urgent search of sand dunes / coastal area near Squires Gate/ Blackpool Airport was required. A number of Team members were on scene within 10 minutes of the callout page and reported very inclement weather & torrential rain. However, we were stood down with vehicles and others responding direct to the RV. It was confirmed that the Police Helicopter, ON99, had been able to clear this area of shore reporting that not even dog walkers were out in the prevailing weather conditions. Coastguard SAR also requested to assist with this search. (14 Rescue Person Hours)

19. 3rd July Spot Pickup 15:10 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Bowland. The Team was requested by the North West Ambulance Service to attend a fell walker with a broken leg in a remote part of Gisburn Forest. Casualty had provided a very accurate location from his GPS and via mobile phone. However, the Team was stood down with two vehicles mobile and persons attending direct as the North West Air Ambulance had been able to access the casualty.    (10 Rescue Person Hours)

18. 29th June Spot Pickup 16:54 Hrs Saddle Fell, Bowland. Lancashire Police contacted the Team with an urgent report of a male and a female in difficulty on Saddle Fell. Their planned route had been up the Langden Valley, then via Bleadale Water to Saddle Fell and then on to Totridge. However, after arriving at Saddle Fell and setting of towards Totridge the male became trapped up to his thigh in a peat bog and was unable to extract himself. The Team Leader was able to speak to the party by mobile phone and determined that they were not injured but just stuck. Team accessed the moorland from Saddle Fell Farm in 4 x 4 Landrovers and, after a short search, located the trapped person above Burnslack Fell. Despite the vast array of equipment we carry, digging with a spade was all that was required to free the gentlemen. The walkers were then escorted off the fell and transported back to their vehicle parked at Langden Intake in the Trough none the worse for their ordeal. Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service providing support with a number of pumps at the road head. (72 Rescue Person Hours)

Advice: Whilst there are many boggy peat patches across the Trough we would ask that you all take particular care and enjoy your day out in the fells of Bowland.

17. 22nd June Search 01:21 Hrs Blackpool. Team requested to search for a missing 77-year-old female. Missing some 5 hours and reported as in the Stanley Park, Victoria Hospital, Zoo, Golf Course, Marton Mere area of Blackpool. Team stood down on arrival as the person had just been located, safe, some distance from the potential search areas at Bispham. (14 Rescue Person Hours)

16. 20th June Search 08:54 Hrs Trowbarrow Quarry, Silverdale. Lancashire Police paged the Team with an urgent request to assist in the search for a male, aged 38, in the Silverdale area. Missing person described as vulnerable. Missing for two days but car only located some hours previously to the Teams attendance being requested. We set up Control at Silverdale Golf Club. Investigations had determined that the person was a rock climber and initial hasty searches were undertaken within Trowbarrow Quarry and surrounding woods. Search Team also deployed to the Fairy Steps area just over the boarder in Cumbria.  We were assisted by a search dog and handler from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Service Dog Association. The missing person was located, safe, by the Team and returned to the Control location. Kendal MSRT also placed on standby but not required. Police resources included MFH Manager, the Police helicopter (Oscar November 99) and a support unit. PCSO’s had also been visiting various properties & farms in the area.  Thanks to the café at the nearby RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve who provided refreshments & sandwiches.  (48 Rescue Person Hours)

Over the weekend of Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June the Team provided support for the Sue Ryder Ribble Way Challenge. This event runs over some 30 hours with walkers completing the 72 miles (100 km) from Ribblehead in Yorkshire to the Dolphin Inn (Flying Fish) at Longton, west of Preston. This proved to be an excellent training event for the Team with a MR Control being run from our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough, with various checkpoints and safety crews operational throughout the duration of the event. Many minor injuries dealt with the most common being very large blisters!
The Team would like to congratulate all who took part in the event. Completing this walk is an excellent achievement. One incident to report from the event.

15. 19th June Spot Pickup 01:53 Hrs Jumbles Rocks near Great Mitton. A participant in the Sue Ryder event, who was unable to walk any further due to being very tired & with sore feet, had got quite cold. Team located person on banks of River Ribble near Jumbles Rocks and treated for mild hypothermia. Team Landrover then used to evacuate person to waiting ambulance.  (8 Rescue Person Hours)

S6. 22nd May Standby Search 16:53 Hrs Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston. Team requested to provide advice and search for a missing vulnerable 90-year-old male. As initial contact was made with the Lancashire Constabulary Missing From Home Manager the person was reported as located, safe. No further details were available.

14. 5th May Local Incident 06:00 Hrs Anglezarke Moor.  A third day of support for Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service. Again working with colleagues from Bolton MRT we provided two 4 x 4 Landrovers as the final push to extinguish the fire was made by LF&RS. Team stood down at approximately 19:00 hrs. The fire was completely extinguished on the 7th May after burning for some eight days. Please note that during this type of incident we do not actually fight the fires. That is left to the Fire Service.  We provide communications, transport, extensive local knowledge and support where we can.  (60 Rescue Person Hours) 

13. 4th May Local Incident 08:00 Hrs Anglezarke Moor.  Continuing with provision of assistance to Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service. Following an early morning (04:00 Hrs) conference between Bolton MRT’s Team Leader and our Team Leader it was decided that both Teams would provide support at the moorland fire on Anglezarke & Withnell Moors. Three Landrovers made available. With a number of handovers of drivers throughout the day the Team eventually stood down at just after 20:00hrs. (72 Rescue Person Hrs)

12. 1st May Local Incident 13:45 Hrs Anglezarke Moor.  Request received from Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service to provide support on Anglezarke Moor where they had been tackling an extensive moorland fire for two days. Bolton MRT had provided support on the previous day. Two Landrovers made available for transporting fire fighters, water and equipment onto the moors. (30 Rescue Person Hrs)

11. 27th April Search 14:41 Hrs Tawd Vale near Lathom, West Lancashire. Lancashire Police paged the Team with an urgent request to assist in the search for a male, aged 32, in the area of Tawd Vale Scout Campsite near Parbold. Described as vulnerable and highly mobile. Only missing since 14:15 Hrs. At this point very little was known about this person and due to the high mobility it was decided that additional information was required before we could assist. At 18:00 hrs the Team was re-contacted, as the person was still outstanding, and further information had been obtained from family. It was decided to search woodland around the Scout Camp and farmland between the campsite and the missing persons home. Following an extensive search of the area the missing person was located, uninjured, by Team members at approximately 22:35 hrs. This search involved the use of our SARDA mountain rescue search dogs and 20 Team members. (100 Rescue Person Hours)

10. 26th April Spot Pickup 13:01 Hrs Saddle End Farm near Chipping. The Team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service to attend a male fell walker with a patella (knee cap) injury on a track between Wolfen Hall and Saddle End Farm. However, the NW Air Ambulance, Helimed 08 was able to land close by the casualty and the Team stood down responding with two vehicles mobile and others attending direct.  (11 rescue Person Hours).

9. 24th April Spot Pickup 12:31 Hrs Beacon Fell Country Park near Chipping. The Team was paged by the North West Ambulance Service to attend a female near the summit Trig Point of Beacon Fell. Reported as having fallen and sustained a broken ankle. The casualty was carried by the Team on a long board to the waiting NW Air Ambulance, Helimed 08 for onward transport to the Royal Preston Hospital. (15 Rescue Person Hours).

S5. 23rd April Standby Search 16:48 Hrs Blackpool. Team requested to assist in the search for a vulnerable female, missing for two weeks, but a recent possible sighting reported.   Search areas identified very small in MR terms with extensive derelict buildings, which we requested the Police to search. As no suitable task for MR had been identified we did not deploy. Whilst dealing with this request we received news that the missing male from S4 below had been located, safe.

S4. 23rd April Standby Search 15:32 Hrs Trough of Bowland. Team Incident Controllers contacted by Lancashire Police Force Incident Manager with a “heads up” for a missing male, reported as depressed. Reported as in his car and possibly in the Littledale, Jubilee Tower and Trough areas. Police helicopter searching the Trough, Brennand & Whitendale valleys.  Team requested to be ready to deploy onto the fells should it be necessary.

8. 22nd April Spot Pickup 13:02 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Trough of Bowland. The Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) contacted the Team with a report from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service of a male mountain biker with head and rib injuries in the Whelp Stone Crag area of Gisburn Forest. Team and CRO members carried the casualty to the NW Air Ambulance, Helimed 72 that had landed on the summit of Whelp Stone Crag. The casualty was then air lifted to Blackburn Royal Infirmary.  (25 Rescue Person Hours).

7. 6th April Search 16:43 Hrs Stannah Country Park, Fylde. The Team was contacted by Lancashire Police to assist in the developing search for a vulnerable 74-year-old male who was known to be a regular visitor to the Country Park at Stannah.  Missing since approximately 14:30 hrs and described as not being able to travel very far.  In a measured response the Teams Control vehicle, search dogs and those Team members living close by were initially dispatched to commence “segment” and   “hasty” searches around the country park. The rest of the Team then collected other vehicles and resources from our Garstang & Penwortham bases. Despite an extensive search of paths, a disused railway line and farmland lasting 6 hours the person could not be located. This included using trailing & area SARDA (Wales & England) search dogs and Team members on mountain bikes along the coastal path.  The Teams water search unit searched a deep culvert near the Place Last Seen (PLS). We requested assistance from Coastguard SAR with the search of an area of marshland close to the River Wyre. The Police helicopter was used in the early phase of the operation with other police resources including dogs, support units and PCSO’s in the more urban areas of Thornton near the missing person’s home.  The Team stood down shortly after 23:00 hrs with all our identified tasks completed.  (186 Rescue Person Hours) 

Post Script. Thankfully, the missing person was located, safe, in Blackpool at approximately 05:00 hrs the following day.

6. 29th March Spot Pickup 20:17 Hrs White Coppice, near Chorley. The Team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service to attend a female mountain biker who had taken a fall with chest and rib injuries reported. Team deployed to the Brinscall area where the casualty location had initially been reported but were soon diverted to White Coppice. Team located the casualty north of White Coppice on the The Goit track, where we then undertook initial assessments and casualty care. Two ambulance service paramedics were also escorted by the Team to the casualty. Once the casualty had been stabilised and made comfortable the Team transported her to the waiting ambulance on a mountain rescue Bell stretcher. (16 rescue Person Hours).

5. 27th March Spot Pickup 09:55 Hrs Gisburn Forest, Trough of Bowland. The team were called to assist a mountain biker riding a trail near Whelp stone Crag in Gisburn Forest, who had fallen and sustained an ankle injury. Team requested the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) to provide backup support and they duly dispatched one of their vehicles. The casualty was eventually evacuated by air ambulance with the assistance of locals. Both teams stood down just prior to arrival on scene. (12 Rescue Person Hours)

4. 24th March Spot Pickup 18:58 Hrs Healy Nab near Chorley. The North West Ambulance Service requested assistance with a vulnerable male on Healy Nab. Initially it was thought that a stretcher carry was required. First Team members on scene met up with the Ambulance paramedics who were actually walking the casualty down and a stretcher was not required. Team stood down at 19:27 Hrs with two vehicles mobile and others attending direct.  (10 Rescue Person Hours)

3. 19th March Spot Pickup 11:52 Hrs Holme House Fell, Bleasdale. Whilst providing safety cover for the Fiendsdale Fell Race, the Team were required to rescue one of the runners. A 47-year-old male sustained lower right leg injuries whilst descending towards one of the checkpoints on Holme House Fell north of Chipping. The injured man was attended by three Team members who splinted his leg and administered pain relief. A stretcher party used two of the Teams 4 x 4 Land Rovers to get as close as possible to the casualty site. Following a short stretcher evacuation the injured runner was placed inside one of the vehicles and transferred to Stang Yule to a waiting land ambulance. He was then taken to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment. This annual event was run in good weather conditions by over 60 runners from across the north west. The course starts and finishes at Fell Foot taking in Spot Height “1707”, Fiendsdale Head, Fairsnape & Parlick Pike. (12 rescue Person Hours)

2. 12th March Spot Pickup 12:02 Hrs Boggy Wood, Wadecar Scout Camp. Whilst attending a training event for the Bowlander Hike at Wadecar Scout Camp a female, aged 16, from a school group collapsed and fell a short distance down a steep slope. Thankfully, no serious injuries sustained and she was recovered to the main campsite using a Team Landrover.   (3 Rescue Person Hours)

S3.  28th February Standby Search 02:46 Hrs Thornton, Fylde.  An early hours page to the Teams Incident Controllers to assist in the developing search for a vulnerable female.  As a plan was being made the good news came that the lady had been found safe and again we did not deploy.

S2. 31st January Standby Search 12:34 Hrs Singleton, Fylde. Team requested to assist in the search of farmland around village for a vulnerable male, missing for three days, and giving cause for concern.  Police support units, helicopter and horses already deployed. Search areas identified very small in MR terms. As no suitable task for MR could be identified we did not deploy.

1.  27th January Spot Pickup 14:59 Hrs Gisburn Forest. Bowland. Team received a request from the NW Ambulance Service to provide back-up to the NW Air Ambulance (Helimed 08) attending a mountain biker who had fallen and sustained a shoulder injury in Gisburn Forest.  Team requested the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) to provide backup support and they duly dispatched one of their vehicles with two persons on board.  Team stood down on route with two vehicles mobile and others attending direct when it was determined casualty had already been carried to the waiting Air Ambulance and flown to the Royal Preston Hospital. (12 Rescue Person Hours).

S1. 25th January Standby Search 11:00 Hrs Ashurst’s Beacon, Skelmersdale.  Team requested to search for a missing male in the Skelmersdale area. Missing for some time. Request made by the Team to attend at weekend when more members would be available. However, search went ahead as planned with extensive police resources without the Team.