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 2018 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales


41. Thursday 2nd August. Spot Pick-up Quernmore.

40. Friday 27th July. Spot Pick-up. 17:32 Brinscall Woods

39. Wednesday 25th July. Search. 17:37 Skelmersdale

38. Wednesday 18th July. Spot Pick-Up. 14:20 Hrs. Anglezarke Quarry, West Pennine Moors.

37. Wednesday 18th July. Spot Pick-Up. 12:27 Hrs. Hurst Green, Clitheroe.

36. Tuesday 10th July. Body Recovery. 16:19 Hrs. Ormskirk, West Lancashire.

35. Tuesday 10th July. Search. 09:08 Hrs. Weeton, Fylde.

S12. Sunday 8th July. Standby Search. 17:21 Hrs. Weeton, Fylde.

34. Sunday 8th July. Spot Pick-Up. 14:30 Hrs. Dunsop Bridge, Bowland.

33. Saturday 7th July. Spot Pick-Up. 10:52 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland.

32. Thursday 5th July. Search. 13:02 Hrs. Weeton Area, Fylde.

31. Thursday 5th July. Major Incident. 08:00 Hrs. Wildfires, Winter Hill.

S11. Wednesday 4th July. Major Incident. 19:45 Hrs. Request for Availability. Winter Hill.

30. Monday 2nd July. Major Incident. 06:00 Hrs. Wildfires, Winter Hill.

S10. Sunday 1st July. Major Incident 22:15 Hrs. Request for Availability. Winter Hill.

S9. Sunday 1st July. Standby Search. 13:32 Hrs. River Ribble, Penwortham near Preston.

29. Thursday 28th June. Local Incident. 19:59 Hrs. Wildfire. Healey Nab near Chorley. (1 Rescue Person Hours)

28. Tuesday 26th June. Spot Pick-Up. 18:14 Hrs. Bilsborrow near Garstang. (99 Rescue Person Hours)

27. Wednesday 18th June. Spot Pick-Up. 22:32 Hrs. Birk Bank, North Bowland Fells. (44 Rescue Person Hours)

26. Friday 15th June. Search. 23:56 Hrs. Winter Hill, West Pennine Moors. (181 Rescue Person Hours)

25. Friday 1st June. Spot Pick-Up. 13:36 Hrs. Higher Hempshaw’s, Anglezarke Moor. Bolton MRT received a report from NWAS of a female mountain biker fallen with a lower leg or ankle injury. Bolton MRT Team Leader was able to use “PhoneFind” to locate the casualty. This indicated incident was within our area about 500m North West of Horden Stoops. Bolton Team Leader contacting our Team Incident Controllers and both Teams responding. The casualty was treated and carried about 200m to the North West Air Ambulance, Helimed 75 that had also been called. Eighteen Team members responding. (36 Rescue Person Hours)

24. Sunday 27th May. Spot Pick-Up. 16:00 Hrs. Steam Fair, Chipping. Whilst attending a Team display at Chipping Steam Fair a Team member assisted with a 74-year-old male with various medical conditions who had collapsed. Team stretcher used to carry casualty across show ground to NWAS Land Ambulance. (1 Rescue Person Hours)

23. Wednesday 23rd May. Spot Pick-Up. 20:27 Hrs, Harrop Hill, Parbold. Team received a request from the North West Ambulance Service to assist with a 67-year-old male runner who had collapsed with chest pains at Harrop Hill near Parbold. As the majority of Team was attending our regular Wednesday evening training session at Garstang we were able to immediately deploy sixteen persons in three vehicles. On arrival, it was determined that the male was deceased. The body was recovered to the road head by the Team. Overall thirty Team members available for this incident. Bolton MRT also deploying two vehicles and a NWAS HART Team also responding. Our condolences are extended to the man’s family and friends at this time. (99 Rescue Person Hours)

22. Wednesday 16th May. Spot Pick-Up. 16:09 Hrs. Anglezarke Quarry near Chorley. A 29-year-old male rock climber fallen at Angelzarke Quarry, NWAS paramedics already on scene with the North West Air Ambulance also responding. Team requested to assist with access and the extraction of the casualty. Suspected head, shoulder and wrist injuries. The casualty was carried out of the quarry bottom to a Land Ambulance and then transferred to the helicopter by the Team. Twenty Team members responding to this incident. (44 Rescue Person Hours)

21. Sunday 13th May. Search. 15:07 Hrs. Parlick Pike near Chipping. Continuation of Incidents 19 & S7 below. Team contacted by Lancashire Police concerning the continuing investigation into the missing female. New information had been received indicating that the missing person may be in the area of Parlick to the north of Chipping. It was decided to mount an immediate search to save as much daylight as possible. Fell search parties were sent to the east and west slopes of the hill concentrating on areas that members of the public may not have visited. Parlick being a very popular fell walking area. Police helicopter also assisting. Sadly, at about 19:15 Hrs the body of the missing persons was located by the Team. After assisting Police Officers to carry out their duties at the scene the body of the missing person was recovered by the Team to the road head. Twenty three Team members attending. The Team sends its thoughts and sympathies to the family and friends of the missing person at this very sad time. (181 Rescue Person Hours)

20. Saturday 12th May. Spot Pick-Up. 17:14 Hrs. Duxbury near Chorley. The North West Ambulance Service had received report of a 74-year-old male having fallen down a very steep embankment above the River Yarrow sustaining a head injury. First Team members on scene were able to easily access the casualty who was walked to a Team vehicle, which was then used to transport him to hospital. Twenty three Team members responding with two of our Land Rover ambulance with one Landrover from Bolton MRT also attending. (46 Rescue Person Hours)

19. Saturday 5th May. Search. 09:00 Hrs. Cow Hill near Preston. Following the previous days request from Lancashire Police to search for the missing female a number of priority areas were identified. It was decide to run the search from our Vehicle Base at Garstang where incident Control was set up. Sixteen Team members arriving at our Base at 09:00 hrs for briefing and deployment. Police helicopter from the National Police Air Service assisting. The helicopter searches the open areas of fields quickly allowing the Team to concentrate on the field margins and woods. Team stood down at 14:00 Hrs with all identified tasks completed but nothing found. (128 Rescue Person Hours)

S7. Friday 4th May. Standby Search. 15:10 Hrs. Cow Hill near Preston. Request to search an area to the east of the M6 Motorway in Preston. Lancashire Police had been looking for a vulnerable female for some weeks and information had been received that this area may be of significance. Decision made to search the area the following day.

S6. Thursday 3rd May. Standby Search 16:30 Hrs. River Wyre, Fylde. Team Leader provided advice to Lancashire Police concerning a vulnerable male who had indicated that he may self-harm. However, the missing person was located, safe and the Team was not required. (0.25 Rescue person Hours)

18. Sunday 22nd April. Spot Pick-up. 10:41 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. A 35-year-old male had fallen from his mountain bike in Dob Dale Beck at the bottom of Hully Gully / Long Way Down on the Gisburn Forest Mountain Bike Trails. Possible dislocated hip / broken femur. On arrival, the Team immediately requested an Air Ambulance due to the nature of injuries and difficult extraction. The Air Ambulance, Helimed 72, duly arrived and the casualty was quickly packaged on board by the Team for the onward journey to the Royal Preston Hospital. Twenty Team members attending with all three of our front line Land Rover ambulances. (86 Rescue Person Hours)

S5. Saturday 21st April. Standby Search / Advice. 14:00 Hrs Coppull near Chorley. Whilst the Team was undertaking helicopter training at Gisburn Forest a request was made by Lancashire Police for a trailing search dog to assist with a search at Coppull near Chorley. Police placed in contact with a search dog handler from Bolton MRT.

17. Thursday 19th April. Spot Pick-Up. 15:41 Hrs. Cross of Greet, Bowland. On a very hot day for the time of year the Team responded to a request from the North West Ambulance Service to attend a cyclist with breathing difficulties. Cyclist coming into Lancashire up the steep hill from Yorkshire. North West Air Ambulance and Community First Responders also attending. Team stood down with fourteen Team members responding and all three of our front line Landrover Ambulances mobile when informed not required. Unfortunately, the 69-year-old gentleman had passed away. This incident in the same area as Incidents 5 & 15 of earlier this year. The Team extends its condolences to the family and friends of the gentleman at this very sad time. (14 Rescue Person Hours)

16. Tuesday 10th April. Search. 23:38 Hrs. Ribchester Area.
Request from Lancashire Police to assist with the developing search for a boy, aged 14, reported missing from a local residential care home. As the Team was assembling and the first search party had just been deployed the youngster returned to the home off his own accord, safe. Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service also attending and deploying their drone. Also responding two trailing search dogs from SARDA(Wales). These dogs and handlers from Bolton MRT and Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team. Eighteen of our Team attending with two Land Rovers, minibus and Incident Control Unit. (50 Rescue Person Hours)

15. Monday 2nd April. Spot Pick-Up. 12:33 Hrs. Cross of Greet, Bowland. Team requested by Lancashire Police to investigate a report of four persons and a dog trapped in their car, in deep snow, in the Slaidburn area. No injuries reported. Team members, who were resident at our Smelt Mill Headquarters in the Trough of Bowland for the Easter Weekend were immediately sent to investigate in one of our Landrover Ambulances. A SARLoc request was sent to the stuck persons. This was successfully indicating their position on our mapping systems. They were just outside our area in almost the same position as incident 5 below. A second Landrover was placed on standby at our Vehicle & Training Base in Garstang. On arrival at the scene, it was discovered that a second vehicle was also stranded. Both vehicles were soon freed up and sent on their way towards Yorkshire. Ten Team members involved in this incident (22 Rescue Person Hours)

14. Sunday 1st April. Spot Pick-Up. 14:48 Hrs. Windy Harbour Caravan Park, Poulton-le-Fylde. Team requested by Lancashire Ambulance service to assist with a 14-year-old male who had fallen and broken an ankle in a very muddy field. Request for Team to extract casualty to Ambulance. Task duly completed. Fourteen Team members involved with two of our Land Rover Ambulances. (35 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. After many, many years of using pagers (as well as SMS texting) to alert Team members this incident was the last time we used pagers. We are now reliant on SMS texting only to alert Team members of incidents.

13. Sunday 25th March. Spot Pick-Up. 14:00 Hrs. Whitendale, Bowland. A 63-year-old female, fallen, with leg reported as "bent out of shape" on the fell in the Whitendale Valley. Helimed attending from the North West Air Ambulance. First Team members on scene arrived to see the Air Ambulance fly over and away – it had been called to a higher priority tasking (a heart attack, which our colleagues at Bolton MRT attended). This left the Team to treat the injured person who had an obvious broken leg, The Team carried her down to the valley on a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher. Casualty was then handed over to an Ambulance paramedic crew on its arrival. All three our our front line Land Rovers in attendance with seventeen Team members involved. (55 Rescue Person Hours)

12. Saturday 24th March. Spot Pick-up. 13:53 Hrs. White Coppice near Chorley. A 47-year-old male had fallen from a wall into the Quarry at White Coppice near Chorley sustaining a head and, possibly, back injuries. The North West Ambulance Service requesting help with the extraction. Team able to get a 4 x 4 Land Rover Ambulance close to the casualty who was lifted out of the quarry on a mountain rescue stretcher. He was then transported in the Landrover down to the Cricket Club at White Coppice and the waiting Land Ambulance. Eighteen Team members in attendance. (56 Rescue Person Hours)

11. Tuesday 20th March. Search. 20:06 Hrs. Lancaster. Team requested to search the Lancaster Canal south from Lancaster. A 60-year-old female had been reported missing from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Last seen at about 17:00 Hrs. Various possible sightings along the canal. The intention was to initially search from the city centre along the towpath and the ground between the canal and the A588 as far as Galgate. With secondary tasks to the north along the canal, the Lune Valley Ramble and to Glasson Dock. The missing woman was described as a strong walker. Twenty-two team members indicating they were available for the search. However as the Team was heading to an RV at Lancaster Golf Club the good news was received that the missing person had been located, safe, near Junction 34 of the M6 and was returned to hospital. (35 Rescue Person Hours)

10. Sunday 18th March. Spot Pick-up. 12:28 Hrs. Coastal Path, Arnside, Cumbria. The North West Ambulance reported a 70-year-old female fallen from the coastal path near Arnside and unconscious. Coastguard SAR Team from Knott-End, Morecambe RNLI and three helicopters responding (Great North Air Ambulance, North West Air Ambulance and an MCA S92). The casualty was "hot loaded" (rotors still running) onto the Great North Air Ambulance by a joint Team from ourselves and the Coastguard for the onward flight to the Royal Preston Hospital. Fifteen Team members attending (49.5 rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. Sadly, we were informed that the casualty passed away. The Team extends our thoughts and sympathies to family and friends of the casualty as this sad and difficult time.

9. Saturday 17th March. Spot Pick-up. 14:23 Hrs. Gisburn Forest, Bowland. Report from Gisburn Forest of a male mountain biker in a high speed collision with a tree at Gisburn Mountain Bike Trails. Significant injuries. MRT requested for urgent extraction. North West Air Ambulance attending and ambulance crew already on scene. Team stood down at 15:02 Hrs on route as Ambulance staff at the scene had been able to load the casualty onto the helicopter which was on route to the Royal Preston Hospital. Seven Team members mobile to this incident with two of our Land Rover Ambulances when the stand down came. This incident occurred on the "Hope Line". (20 Rescue Person Hours)

S4. Thursday 1st March. Bad Weather Cover. Patient Transport. Due to the bad weather and snow Team requested via the North West Ambulance Service to see if we could transport patients from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary back to Sedbergh, Cumbria. This task was passed to our colleagues from Kendal MSRT as the final destination was in their area. See Incident 64/2015 for a similar incident where we transported patients back into North Lancashire from Cumbria in our minibus.

8. Thursday 1st March. Bad Weather Cover. 09:38 Hrs. All Lancashire. "The Beast from the East" as the media called it. At the request of the North West Ambulance service the was Team placed on standby with snow and bad weather expected throughout the region. 29 Team members responding to the request for availability. Two land Rover Ambulance readied and crewed. One incident attended in Goosnargh but this had already been dealt with by an Ambulance crew already on scene. With the weather not as severe as expected in this part of the county the Team stood down at 17:00 Hrs. with shifts arranged through the night if required. (215 Estimated Rescue Person Hours including those on standby)

S3. Sunday 18th February. Search. 22:40 Hrs. Leyland. Request from Lancashire Police to assist with the search for a high-risk missing female who was giving concern for her safety in the Leyland area. Team Leader, on contacting the Force Incident Manager, was informed that the missing person had just been located, safe, and we could stand down.

7. Sunday 18th February. Spot Pick-up / RTC. 14:25 Hrs. Brimicroft Farm, A675 near Junction 3 M65. A motorbike had left the road on the A675 near Junction 3 of the M65. The North West Ambulance Service reported a seriously injured motorcyclist had been thrown across a thick hedge and was in a field but some distance from the Land Ambulance. The Team again stood down on arrival as the casualty had been transferred to the North West Air Ambulance that had also responded. Sixteen Team members either on scene or responding when the stand down came. (24 Rescue Person Hours)

6. Wednesday 7th February. Spot Pick-up. 17:16 Hrs. Bolton-by-Bowland near Clitheroe. The North West Ambulance Service requested the Team attend to a female, fallen from her horse near a farm at Bolton-by-Bowland. Reported only a short distance from the Land Ambulance but in a difficult location with serious injuries to head, neck and arm. The Team stood down on arrival at the scene when it was determined that the NWAS crew had been able to deal with the incident. Sixteen Team members responding with all three of our front line Land Rover Ambulances. (27 Rescue Person Hours)

5. Wednesday 17th January. Spot Pick-up. 22:37 Hrs. Cross of Greet. Bowland. Team received a report from Lancashire Police of a number of persons stuck in their car, in snow, on the road between Slaidburn and High Bentham. A SARLoc message was sent to them and this indicated they were just past the Cross of Greet towards High Bentham. As this is within the operating area of the Cave Rescue Organisation the incident was immediately passed to them. The CRO were able to recover the occupants in one of their 4 x 4 vehicles leaving the car to be picked up later (1 Rescue Person Hour)

S2. Tuesday 16th January. Standby Search. 19:00 Hrs. Avenham Park, Preston. A further request to assist with the search incident at Avenham Park, Preston from the previous day. With no additional information available and no new search areas identified it was decided that the Team should not deploy. Extensive searches by local people and appeals on social media continued over the next weeks.

4. Tuesday 16th January. Search. 09:00 Hrs. Central Fells, Lake District, Cumbria. Nine Team members travelled to the Lake District to assist with the 3rd day of the search for the missing fell walker. Team allocated a search area in Eskdale. Shortly after 10:00 Hrs shouts from the missing person were heard and he was located in boggy ground by a dog handle from SARDA(England) and a member of Wasdale MRT in Upper Eskdale, safe but injured, with broken wrists and hypothermia. The casualty was evacuated by Coastguard helicopter. What a great result! The following Teams involved in the search:

Bowland Pennine MRT

Cockermouth MRT

Coniston MRT

Duddon & Furness MRT

Kendal MRT

Keswick MRT

Kirkby Stephen MRT

Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs (LDMRSD)

Search & Rescue Dog Association - SARDA(England)

Langdale Ambleside MRT

Patterdale MRT

Penrith MRT

Wasdale MRT

RAF Leeming MRT

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 199 from Prestwick,

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 936 from Caernarfon

Further to the above other Teams from Lancashire, North Yorkshire & the North East provided back fill and cover for Teams deployed on this search. (81 Rescue Person Hours)

Monday 15th January. Standby Search. 12:40 Hrs. Central Fells, Lake District, Cumbria. An extensive search had been underway since late on Sunday 14th January for a 29-year-old male fell walker from Leeds missing around Scafell in the Lake District. During Incident 3 below a request was received from the Lake District to see if we could assist with planned searches the following day. Nine Team members available and preparations made to arrive at 09:00 hrs at the western end of the Hardknott Pass.

3. Monday 15th January. Search. 11:09 Hrs. Avenham Park, Preston. Requested by Lancashire Police to search for a 19-year-old male who had been missing for 36 hours in the Avenham Park area of Preston. Fourteen Team members responding to this Incident. Extensive searches of the park, River Ribble and surrounding area were undertaken but nothing found. (75 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. On the 6th February the body of the missing person was recovered from the River Ribble near Preston Docks by Lancashire Police. The Team extends its condolences to the family of the missing person at this time.

2. Sunday 14th January. Search. 10:26 Hrs. Wheales, West of Preston. (52 Rescue Person Hours) As Incident 1 was getting under way a further request for assistance with the search at Wheals (S1. below) was received from Lancashire Police. A trailing dog from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs (LDMRSDA was available. With a member of our Team acting as navigator extensive searches were made around the PLS (Place Last Seen) and around the Canal over the next 6 hours. Some indications around the Hand & Dagger Pub but not enough information to call in the Team. Thanks to trailing dog Benny and handler from the Lake District for attending this incident. (6 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. We are lead to believe that the missing person returned home, safe, a few days later.

1. Sunday 14th January. Search. 10:02 Hrs. Heysham Moss, Heysham, North Lancashire. Team received a request for assistance in Heysham with a search for a missing, 42-year-old, vulnerable male. Extensive searches undertaken around Heysham Moss an surrounding farmland by the Team. Police supporting the operation with a search by officers of Heysham Head, a Police Helicopter flying over the area and police from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary from Heysham Nuclear Power Station also helping. 18 Team members responding with four of our rescue vehicles – Incident Control, minibus & 2 x Land rover Ambulance. All Team members and vehicles returned to base and home by 17:00 hrs. (125 Rescue Person Hours)

Post Script. As the Team was completing identified tasks a report was received that a body had been washed up on the shore at Foulney Island on the other side of Morecambe Bay. Very sadly, we have been informed that this was the missing person. The Team extends our sympathies and condolences to the missing persons family and friends.

S1. Saturday 13th January. Standby Search. 13:43 Hrs. Wheales, West of Preston. Team contacted by Lancashire Police with a request a trailing search dog and to see if we could assist with a search for a vulnerable male, aged 35-year old, reported missing earlier in the day. Search dogs not available but put on Standby for the following day. Only other search task identified at thus time was the towpath along the Lancaster canal towards Preston. This was being covered by a patrol from Lancashire Police. At this time and with no suitable task for MR we did not deploy. 18 Team members declaring their availability with the Team remaining on Standby should further information be received. (See Incident 2. above)