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 2020 Incidents, Call Outs and Other Events

Numbered Incidents are reported to Mountain Rescue - England & Wales


7. Sunday 19th January. Search. 17:17 Hrs. Clougha, Bowland. An almost identical incident to Incident 5 below from almost exactly one week ago. This time Lancashire Police contacting the Team to assist with another family of hill walkers, three adults & two children, aged seven & nine. They had also become benighted in the area of Clougha Pike on the north Bowland moors. First Team members on scene moving towards Clougha Pike from Rigg Lane with Team Leader liaising with Police Officers at the car park. Team successfully used the SARLoc facility to locate the party on our mapping systems. Team members were then able to quickly locate them, give them additional clothing as they were getting cold and escort them down from the hill. Eighteen Team members available for this incident with two of our Landrover ambulances. We also deployed our Incident Control vehicle should the search become protracted but this returned to base early on when the location of the missing party become known. (8 Rescue Person Hours)

Time for a gentle reminder. Please consider taking extra clothing, hat, gloves & food. Whistle and survival shelter also useful. Map and compass and know how to use them essential. It gets darker earlier at this time of year so allow for that and a torch should you be delayed. Stay safe everyone.

6. Saturday 18th January. Spot Pick-up. 13:46 Hrs. Lancaster. North West Ambulance Service requesting assistance with a 73-year-old female who had fallen and sustained a head injury. Difficult to access to casualty location. However, the Team stood down responding with fourteen Team members mobile direct to the incident location or to our vehicle bases. The Ambulance crew had been able to access the casualty and the Team was no longer required. (8 Rescue Person Hours)

5. Sunday 12th January. Search. 17:57 Hrs. Clougha, Bowland. Lancashire Police contacting the Team to assist with a party of six hill walkers, three adults & three children, benighted in the area of Clougha Pike on the north Bowland moors. Missing group moving over very uneven ground, not sure which direction to travel but in good spirits and thankfully, no injuries reported. The Team successfully used the SARCALL PhoneFind facility to locate the party on our mapping systems. Team members were then able to quickly locate them and escort them down from the hill to Rigg Lane car park none the worse for the experience. Twenty seven Team members available for this incident. (48.5 Rescue Person Hours)

S1. Wednesday 8th January. Standby Search. 05:49 Hrs. Langho. Team Incident Controllers received a request from Rossendale & Pendle MRT to assist with the search for a 17-year-old female in the Langho area. As details were being taken and the full Team about to be contacted the good news was received that the missing girl had been located, safe. Bolton MRT and MRT Dog handlers also contacted to assist.

4. Monday 6th January. Search. 00:59 Hrs. Parbold. Lancashire Constabulary requesting assistance with the developing search for an 85-year-old female in the Parbold area. Potentially missing for up to 48 hours with her car just located near the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Parbold. Search of the canal towpaths and surrounding fields requested. Team stood down at 04:45 Hrs with all tasks completed but with the missing person still outstanding. Lancashire Police deploying other resources later in the day. Sadly, the body of the missing person was located by the Police Underwater Unit. The Team extends our condolences to the missing person’s friends and family at this sad time. Twelve Team members involved with others available later in the day. (60.5 Rescue Parson Hours)

3. Saturday 4th January. Search. 14:04 Hrs. Bleasdale Fells. Request from Lancashire Police to search for two walkers lost in dense hill mist in the area of Holme House Fell, Bleasdale. No injuries reported. Team members who live nearby requested to RV at Hazelhurst and to search onto Holme House Fell. The rest of the Team collecting our Incident Control and other vehicles should the search develop. The missing persons were located by beaters from the local shoot, checked over by Team members and walked off to Bleasdale none the worse for their experience. Team then transported them back to their car at Chipping. Nineteen Team members involved. (56 Rescue Person Hours)

2. Friday 3rd January. Spot Pick-Up. 12:13 Hrs. River Douglas, Parbold. The North West Ambulance Service requested help with a male, aged 63, who had fallen through a wooden fishing platform and broken his lower leg. First Team members on scene carried the casualty, using a long board from the land ambulance, the short distance across boggy fields to the road head. He was then transferred by land ambulance to the Southport & Formby District General hospital for further treatment. Thirteen Team members involved with this incident. (27 Rescue Person Hours)

1. Thursday 2nd January. Spot Pick-Up. 12:52 Hrs. Nicky Nook near Garstang. Request received, via Lancashire Police to assist a female, aged 80, who had tripped and fallen injuring her head. Location of the incident on the steep descent from the summit of Nicky Nook to Grizedale Reservoir. Team treated the head injury and evacuated the casualty on a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher to the waiting land ambulance for the onward journey to Lancaster Royal Infirmary. Sixteen Team members attending with one of our Landrover ambulances. (66 Rescue Person Hours)